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Directory - Pure Casting

25 Sydney Street
NSW Australia 2204

P: 02 8580 8141
F: 02 9516 0064

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Pure Casting has antique appeal.
Pure Casting was formed in early 2011 in response to a growing demand for greater choice in Australian casting companies. Pure Casting was born of a desire to establish a wholly Australian-owned, Australian-based company focused on quality, customer service and integrity. Pure Casting's founding partners are some of Australia’s most experienced precious metal casters whose expertise combines with that of Craig Long of Facet Rapid Prototyping.

Our experinced casting team together with Craig Long’s 30 years’ experience in manufacturing and setting and his pioneering of CAD/CAM in Australia, means that Pure Casting can provide the most efficient CAD/CAM and casting service available in Australia. Pure Casting operates from the one convenient Marrickville location with free Customer Parking.

Pure Casting has developed an entirely new and exclusive range of more than 20 precious alloys in response to jeweller’s demands for superior products. All components of Pure Casting products are sourced within Australia to ensure higher quality standards while supporting Australian suppliers.

We are jewellers manufacturing products for jewellers. Whenever customers call Pure Casting, they talk to specialist in specific fields, all of whom are qualified and experienced jewellers, not simply designers with very limited knowledge of the full jewellery-manufacturing process. The Marrickville facility provides customers with one-on-one consultations with a Facet RP CAD drawer and a Pure Casting metallurgist to follow pieces smoothly from concept to casting.

Australia’s standards for manufactured jewellery are recognised as superior to those in many other countries, and customers can be reassured by Pure Casting’s dedication to the highest possible production values. Competition for overseas manufacturers based on lower prices is always a challenge.Pure Casting continues to emphasise its dedication to quality. We will continue to work with Australian jewellers to grow our business. We keep all of the local jewellery industry Australian-based.

The continued push towards price-based overseas manufacturing has seen a decline in available expertise in Australian manufacturing. Over the last 10 years retailers have shied away from quality, and this trend has reflected badly in the quality of overseas-manufactured merchandise widely available in Australian retail outlets.

We believe jewellers are prepared to pay more for accuracy and quality in casting. We are not the cheapest casting facility, but our concerns are to provide a top-quality service to our customers.

Pure Casting aims to support the next generation of jewellers and to ensure they continue to bring top quality product to market. We will ensure a broad knowledge base remains in Australia.
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