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Directory - Bausele Australia

7 Naree Road
Frenchs Forest
NSW Australia 2086

P: 0477 200 250

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Bausele Australia flies high.
Bausele is the first Swiss made, Australian designed watch Company known for leading design and reliable craftsmanship – conceived by Christophe Hoppe and born out of a passion for watches and his love of Australia.

Each Bausele is unconditionally link to its Australian heritage because of the signature hollow crown feature. Each watch holds actual unique elements of Australia subtly contained on display within a signature one of a kind hollow crown, including Red Earth from the Outback, Sand from one of the beautiful beaches, or Opal from under this ancient land.

Created to suit the modern Australian way of life, Bausele’s beautiful timepieces don't just incorporate elements of Australia, they are constructed with precision to withstand the raw and powerful elemental forces of Australia with precise engineering.
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Chronos Series | 33 South Racing
Chronos Series | All Black Matte | Limited Edition
Chronos Series | Beige
Chronos Series | Christopher Anthony
Chronos Series | Red
Oceanmoon | Red Earth
Oceanmoon | Sand
Oceanmoon II | Cave Black
Oceanmoon II | Currawong
Oceanmoon II | Magpie
Pilot Auto | Japan Made | All White
Pilot Auto | Japan Made | Red Center
Pilot Auto | Swiss Made | Red
Pilot Auto | Swiss Made | Tasman Blue
Swiss Made | Red Center

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