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WA Australia 2083

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To wear Pearls of Australia is to wear the world’s purest pearl and to demand the highest value through its rarity and guarantee of provenance and purity.

Pearls of Australia is a joint venture between Cygnet Bay Pearls and Broken Bay Pearls who represent two species of premium quality pearls with a guarantee of provenance and purity, as well as immersive industry experiences such as farm tourism offerings and industry education.

From New South Wales’ stunning Central Coast to the remote Kimberley of North Western Australia, Pearls of Australia represents a vast range of products and experiences centred around the Australian South Sea Pearl of Cygnet Bay north of Broome, and the Australian Akoya Pearl of Broken Bay north of Sydney.

Pearls are typically graded by five virtues of shape, size, colour, lustre and skin, however Pearls of Australia offers an additional two virtues that distinguishes it from others on the international market. World class pearls, rich in lustre and colour, and sustainably forged in pristine marine environments, the seven virtues of Pearls of Australia include provenance and purity.

Inspired by market research that confirmed authenticity is the most desired trait for high quality jewellery consumers, however the global wholesale market currently does not have the tools to carry source of origin information through the pearl supply chain.

With this in mind, Pearls of Australia has committed to further research with various universities which will ultimately enable industry to value a pearl based on the guarantee of source of origin, species and treatment.


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