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Directory - Trollbeads Australia

540 Chapel Street
South Yarra
VIC Australia 3141

P: 0413 988 150

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Trollbeads has outlined additional plans for an expansive return to the Australian jewellery market, including a focus on regional communities.
Danish brand Trollbeads has returned to the Australian jewellery market as the first major international brand introduction since the COVID pandemic crippled international trade.
Trollbeads honours one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
Trollbeads shares its stories.
Trollbeads started life as ‘Troldekugler’ in 1976 in a small jewellery store in Copenhagen, Denmark by Lise Aagaard. The first silver bead was designed by Lise's brother, silversmith Søren Nielsen, of a 7 faced Troll, from where the name Trollbeads was created.

In 2001, Trollbeads started to design glass beads, which quickly became very coveted beads. Trollbeads is world famous for the enchanting way it plays with glass. Each glass bead is individually handmade from red-hot glass in the open flame and no two Trollbeads are ever completely alike.

This diversity gives the customers the unique experience. They become the designer when they create their own personalised jewellery and they decide which story they want to tell. Women all over the world have discovered this original jewellery concept, which, while meeting demands for high quality, still satisfies individual tastes and preferences.

Each piece in the Trollbeads collection has its own little history, taking its inspiration from mythology, astrology, fairy tales, fauna, flora, cultural diversity, and last but certainly not least, in the familiar things of everyday living.

Today Trollbeads can be found in over 4,000 retailers in more than 50 countries.

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