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Directory - Osia International

Suite 109
250 Pitt Street
NSW Australia 2000

P: 02 8095 9780

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Osia International Pacific leaves a bold mark in red.
Osia International (Pacific) is the wholesale unit of direct manufacturers of Diamond and Gemstone Jewellery, Osia International, which is situated in Hong Kong.

Osia is dedicated to the design, assembly production, export, distribution and wholesale of jewellery and is renowned for its exquisite design and craftsmanship. Its comprehensive product range includes jewellery made out of a wide selection of natural gemstones such as Tanzanite, Emerald, Ruby, Blue & Orange Sapphires, Kunzite and Aquamarines, along with semi-precious stones such as Topaz, Citrine, Garnet, Quartz and Amethyst. Our products are made in 9K and 18K yellow, white and rose gold and set with a wide selection of clarity in natural diamonds and/or coloured diamonds.

With almost half dozen offices internationally, we are proud to say our products are well-received by the local and overseas markets.

Bead Jewellery


Brooches / Pins



Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds by Colour - Yellow

Diamonds By Cut - Asscher

Diamonds By Cut - Baguette

Diamonds By Cut - Brilliant (Round)

Diamonds by Cut - Cushion

Diamonds By Cut - Emerald

Diamonds By Cut - Heart

Diamonds By Cut - Marquise

Diamonds By Cut - Oval

Diamonds By Cut - Pear

Diamonds By Cut - Princess

Diamonds By Cut - Radiant

Diamonds by Cut - Tapered Baguettes

Diamonds By Type - Ideal Matched Pairs


Gemset Jewellery

Gemstones - Amethyst

Gemstones - Aquamarine

Gemstones - Citrine

Gemstones - Emerald

Gemstones - Garnet

Gemstones - Kunzite

Gemstones - Loose

Gemstones - Morganite

Gemstones - Paraiba Tourmaline

Gemstones - Peridot

Gemstones - Sapphire

Gemstones - Tanzanite

Gemstones - Topaz

Gemstones - Tourmaline

Gemstones - Tsavorite

Gold Jewellery

Men's Jewellery




Platinum Jewellery

Religious Jewellery

Ring Mounts

Rings - Anniversary

Rings - Engagement

Rings - General

Rings - Wedding

Rose Gold Jewellery

Tennis Bracelets


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