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Directory - Kimberley Rough Diamonds

PO Box 41061
NT Australia 0810

P: 0415 306 355

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Discover the raw beauty of nature with Kimberley Rough Diamonds.
Kimberley Rough Diamonds spots a diamond in the rough.
Kimberley Rough Diamonds rises from the ground up.
Kimberley Rough Diamonds delivers straight from the ground.
Alan is passionate about Australian diamonds. Whilst working as a diamond mine operator for nearly two decades, Alan became fascinated by the naturally occurring shapes and colours of raw uncut diamonds.

Most diamonds sold by jewellers are octahedral in their rough state. These are usually cut into round brilliants. Alan was taken by less regular shapes, such as the flat triangular diamonds, called macles. These diamonds, rarely seen in cut and polished form, will inspire unique designs to show off their striking features.

Alan opened Kimberley Rough Diamonds in late 2011. His vision was to sell Australian uncut diamonds – straight from the ground to you. Apart from a light chemical clean, these captivating diamonds are completely natural.

Alan also plans to sell Kimberley Rough Diamonds to select jewellers and designers who will produce innovative rough diamond jewellery.
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