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Directory - Atlas Pearls

26 Railway Road
WA Australia 6008

P: 08 9284 4249

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Atlas Pearls produced more than 560,000 pearls in 2021.
Discover the beauty of sustainably-sourced South Sea pearls.
Atlas Pearls is your go distributor for all your sustainable South Sea pearls.
ARABELLA RODEN examines the tidal shifts in the pearl sector as it confronts the unique challenges of an uncertain future.
Atlas Pearls and Perfumes Ltd (“Atlas”) is an ASX listed company (Trading Code - ATP) with head offices and retail stores in both Perth, Western Australia and Bali, Indonesia. It employs in excess of 800 people.

Today, Atlas has an enviable reputation as a global leader in eco-pearling, specialising in the highly sought after quality South Sea white and silver pearls with our farms spread across the Indonesian archipelago in Bali, Flores, Alor and West Papua.

Atlas is a fully integrated business. We own and operate several pearl farms, manage loose pearl distribution, have in-house jewellery manufacturing capabilities and operate several retail outlets.

Atlas has extensive experience in the cultivation of high quality South Sea pearls in large volumes.

Atlas manages their own farms and controls all the intellectual property that is required in the production process.

Atlas continues to stay up-to-date and heavily involved in the latest research and development of the industry.

Atlas is a competitive supplier and distributor to the wholesale loose pearl markets with the ability to deliver regular supplies of well graded goods.

Atlas is a retailer of pearl inspired luxury goods.

Atlas continues to pioneer and deliver a variety of innovative products sourced from the treasures of the South Seas.

Atlas has a holistic approach to our business ensuring ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable practices are implemented and seek to have no wastage of oysters.

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