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Amber through the eyes of a Geologist

The gemmological notion of precious and decorative stones also includes amber, which is a mineral regardless of its organic origin. Read more »

Baltic Amber Magic: Know your inclusions

Is it possible for amber to fascinate us even more than it already does with its warmth, magic, unique range of hues and natural patterns? The short answer is “yes” according to ELZBIETA SONTAG. Read more »

Weird, wacky and wonderful jewellery

Who said ‘jewellery’ can’t offer some seriously provocative items? Here, we take a look at various designs that are unique, quirky, or seriously bizarre… Read more »

Lili Diamonds paves way for patented fancy cuts

While patented diamond cuts are not new, one supplier has created a niche specialising in fancy cuts and patented stones. COLEBY NICHOLSON visited Lili Diamonds in Israel to discover why. Read more »
Buying Groups have informative seminars and exclusive guests at the IJF this year

Fairs and Events
Buying Group news for 2018 International Jewellery Fair

The Sydney fair is the pinnacle event for retailers and suppliers, but it is also a prime opportunity for buying groups to gather as executives consult with members to maximise business for the coming 12 months. Read more »

Fairs and Events
Guide to the 2018 International Jewellery Fair

The International Jewellery Fair is packed with informative seminars, innovative displays and priceless networking opportunities. Here is an overview of everything jewellers need to know about the show. Read more »

Fairs and Events
At the Show: New equipment, tools and services

Many exhibitors at the trade show offer products other than jewellery. Here are some of the services and installations on offer at the IJF this year. Read more »

My Bench
My Bench: Mark Draper

MARK DRAPER shares that the best part of his job is seeing his customer’s reaction when the job goes well and he can see that they are moved by the sentiment. Read more »

Feature Stories
10 Years Ago in Jeweller: September 2008

A snapshot of the industry events that made news headlines in the September 2008 issue of Jeweller. Read more »
Combining the digital and personal wins

Tips on Selling
Four characteristics of modern consumers

Retailers require a mix of human services and new technologies to meet the needs of today’s demanding consumer. STEVEN VAN BELLEGHAM reports. Read more »
Image courtesy Greg Grace | Figure 1. Chrome tourmaline | Figure 2. Paraíba

Tourmaline: Indicolite, Verdelite & Paraiba

While the red hues of rubellite maintain a steady appreciation, the interest and value of blue and green tourmaline was reignited with the discovery of ‘Paraíba’ tourmaline, STACEY LIM reports. Read more »

Editor's Desk
Slow decline of Baselworld: what a shame!

It’s a real shame to see the decline of Baselworld. Its status as the world’s number one watch and jewellery fair has been in decline for many years, but the news that Swatch Group had quit the show sent shockwaves throughout the industry, most notably in Switzerland. Read more »


Friday, 21 September, 2018 03:35pm
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