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The Great Diamond Debate

Six months after De Beer’s surprised the international jewellery industry by entering the synthetic diamond market, we explore whether the decision was a strategic move to ensure competitor innovation did not become blanket disruption or whether De Beers finally saw the light and realised lab-grown diamonds are not a menace after all?

Perhaps it’s even a little bit of both, or perhaps it doesn’t really matter anyway!

Our Great Diamond Debate might help you decide. Read more »

Don't poke the bear!

ABE SHERMAN says bogus claims and overpriced products from synthetic manufacturers probably ‘forced’ De Beer’s into the lab-grown market. Read more »

De Beers “Fire in the Hole”

What is really behind the jewellery industry’s greatest U-turn? CHAIM EVEN-ZOHAR with PRANAY NARVEKAR analyse De Beers’ real motives. Read more »

Lab-created diamond jewellery market to grow to US$15billion by 2035

The global jewellery industry is estimated to be worth US$270 billion. PAUL ZIMNISKY reports on the staggering potential of the ‘new diamond’ economy. Read more »

Predicting a synthetic future

There is more than meets the eye behind De Beer’s move into lab-grown diamonds says GARRY HOLLOWAY. Indeed some of the early ramifications have been ‘unintended’, or were they? Read more »

Synthetic diamonds call for retailer awareness and caution

While lab-grown diamonds might provide benefits for jewellery retailers, BILL SECHOS says there are many potential pitfalls. Jewellers should be aware of the pitfalls.  Read more »

Zero tolerance for deceptive diamond trading

The Indian gems and jewellery sector is a US$40 billion industry and, according to MEHUL SHAH, around 1 million families earn their livelihood thanks to the diamond industry. Read more »

Present and future challenges for natural coloured diamonds

ALAN BRONSTEIN and NILESH SHETH believe synthetic stones only threaten the natural diamond market if there is no disclosure or transparency. Read more »

Natural diamonds are the natural choice

No product, as shiny and sparkly as it may be, can take the place of a natural diamond. BOAZ MOLDAWSKY explains why synthetic stones are banned by the Israel Diamond Exchange. Read more »

Synthetic diamonds legitimate but different jewellery product category

We should not fight the synthetic diamond manufacturers, but rather differentiate their product from natural diamonds says GAETANO CAVALIERI. Read more »

Sorting through the fact and fiction

Diamonds can’t be made; they are part of Mother Nature. ERNIE BLOM says synthetic stones are akin to making widgets on a factory production line. Read more »

Lab-grown diamonds – 100 per cent diamond

Lab-grown diamonds offer significant value and legitimate consumer choice. As such RICHARD GARARD says a downward price shift is unlikely. Read more »


Wednesday, 23 January, 2019 01:31am
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