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Developers will be able to extend their iPhone apps to the Apple Watch via full user interfaces, "glances" and actionable notifications

Apple releases smartwatch developer kit

Apple has released app development software specifically designed for its new Apple Watch while a survey predicts that the US company will “kick-start” growth in the overall smartwatch market. Read more »
An HSBC Bank subsidiary has been charged with fraud and money laundering

Bank accused of money laundering for diamond dealers

An international bank has been charged with assisting Antwerp diamond dealers to hide money in offshore accounts to evade tax. Read more »
Global gold jewellery demand decreased by 4 per cent in the third quarter of 2014

Gold jewellery demand weakens, platinum council established

Global gold jewellery demand in the third quarter of 2014 was unable to match last year’s “exceptional” corresponding period, according to the World Gold Council’s latest report. Read more »
Designa Accessories has launched the Kate Spade watch collection in Australia

Kate Spade New York makes Aussie debut

The high-profile fashion brand Kate Spade New York is set to launch in Australia after signing a deal with Designa Accessories for its colourful watch range.
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The JAA has released a list of "reputable" diamond grading laboratories to help retailers fight diamond over-grading

Diamond grading furore continues; ‘approved’ lab list released

In the wake of international controversy surrounding the “over-grading” of diamonds, the JAA has published a list of “approved” laboratories while the World Federation of Diamond Bourses has stepped into the debate with a call for action. Read more »

The most important read this decade

A few years ago I came across a 15-volume set of business books. One book in the set was titled, “Applying salesmanship in business and personal life”. It contained fascinating insights and excellent advice on everything to do with sales. Read more »

Diamond grading fight – GIA V EGL, refereed by Rapaport

The current debate about the use of diamond grading reports is not new. Given that it is not a “science” and involves some degree of subjectivity, there will always be room for disagreement – or at least a difference of opinion – on the grade of a diamond. Read more »
Pandora's new Mystic Fairytales collection performed well in the third quarter

Sales increase and new stores for Pandora

Pandora’s strong global performance in the third quarter has been echoed by similarly positive results in Australia as the international jewellery brand continues its unbroken streak of revenue increases through 2014.
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The 393-carat Blue Belle of Asia sold for $19.9 million

$20M for 392-carat cushion-shaped sapphire

A 392.52-carat Ceylon sapphire, said to be the fourth largest faceted sapphire in the world, has established a new world auction record price after selling for almost $20 million. Read more »
The main prize is for the consumer, but retailers also benefit from the promotion

Wedding ring comp rewards consumers and retailers

A leading wedding ring supplier has launched an incentive campaign that rewards both retailers and consumers, with prizes including a European honeymoon. Read more »
The new research body aims to help retailers navigate the complexities of valuing and selling coloured diamonds

New coloured diamond pricing index to benefit retailers

A new research body for fancy coloured diamonds has marked its official launch with the release of an index that provides information on coloured diamond pricing trends. Read more »
The jewellery industry has been urged to quash the unfair practice of diamond over-grading

Industry called to fight diamond over-grading

After banning purportedly misleading grading reports from his online diamond trading platform, the head of Rapaport Group has called on the jewellery industry to take further action against the “over-grading” of diamonds. Read more »


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