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Deliqa Gems’ mid-pink natural sapphire

New Products
Deliqa Gems

Deliqa Gems dazzles in pink. Read more »
Ouma Chain’s natural jade and cubic zirconia bracelet

New Products
Ouma Chain

Ouma Chain brightens the day with jade. Read more »
iDavid’s diamond sieves

New Products

iDavid is precision personified. Read more »
Atlas Pearls and Perfumes’ pearl jewellery

New Products
Atlas Pearls and Perfumes

Atlas Pearls and Perfumes cultivates sea treasures. Read more »
MiaMor Diamonds' fancy yellow oval diamond

New Products
MiaMor Diamonds

MiaMor Diamonds shines with solar brilliance. Read more »
Entia Jewellery’s gemstones and gemset necklaces

New Products
Entia Jewellery

Entia Jewellery brings gemstones to life. Read more »
Goldtrex’s 100 g gold cast bar

New Products

Goldtrex sets out to raise the bar. Read more »
Rapid Casting’s LiveDesign web portal.

New Products
Rapid Casting

Rapid Casting puts creativity in a jeweller’s hands. Read more »
Peekays Findings’ REX ring setting

New Products
Peekays Findings

Peekays Findings sets a striking ring tone. Read more »
A 3D CAD render from CadCulture

New Products

CadCulture offers tools to craft masterpieces. Read more »
The Orion 150S pulse-arc welder

New Products
Australian Jewellers Supplies

Australian Jewellers Supplies welds with power and versatility. Read more »
The Solus DLP 3D Printer

New Products
CAD Jewelry School

CAD Jewelry School brings design to life in 3D. Read more »

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showing 1 - 12 of 12 results   

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