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Phot Credit: Vogue

The Great Gatsby-inspired jewellery

The Great Gatsby is a renowned story celebrating an era of jazz music, flapper culture, decadent parties and last, but definitely not least, a treasure box of resplendent jewellery pieces. Read more »
The Bulgari Serpenti two-twirl bracelet limited edition watch, made only for the Chinese market for the 2013 new year.

Bulgari's year of the snake jewellery

It's 2013 and as the year of the snake continues to slither, Bulgari’s famous Serpenti collection glides into the spotlight along with the zodiacal sign it symbolises. Read more »
RJ Scanlan

Stainless steels a woman's heart

Once pigeonholed as something only appealing to the male market, stainless steel jewellery is now pushing design barriers while rapidly gaining attention from female customers. Emily Mobbs reports. Subscription required. Read more »

Sell more fashion watches

To say there is a plethora of fashion watch styles on the market would be stating the obvious. Jeff Salton speaks with suppliers and retailers to find ways to maximise sales. Subscription required. Read more »
Gold crucifix pendant

Is your jewellery store ready for Orthodox Easter?

While Easter was celebrated more than one month ago by many western churches, Orthodox Easter takes place this Sunday 5 May. Could it be another opportunity for a holiday-themed promotion?  Read more »


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