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How are your customer relationships?

Tips on Selling
Retailers are much more than Middlemen

The dynamics of customer/retailer relationships have changed and it is crucial that jewellers see themselves as more than a mere conduit between supplier and consumer. Tony and Leanne Argyle report. Subscription required. Read more »

Tips on Selling
Is social media wasting your time?

Is your social media marketing really worthwhile? Coleby Nicholson believes it can be provided it has a purpose and you have a strategy.  Read more »
The market has never been a level playing field

Tips on Selling
Low sales? Are your staff the problem?

If sales are down then maybe your sales staff haven’t changed with the times. The problem with the new consumer is not their ignorance; it’s their preconceptions, but does your staff know how to deal with that?
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Feature Stories
How to fight back against margin attack

Many jewellers feel that their margins are threatened by rising rents, online stores, wage penalties and other things outside of their control, however there are many ways in which retailers can fight back against margin attack. Subscription required. Read more »

6 ways to sell more jewellery

These days, standing still in business is effectively going backwards. To be successful, you need to continually review your practices. 

Here are six ideas to help you improve, and increase, your jewellery and watch sales this year.
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