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Weekend Reading
Tiffany Blue: the real story, Famous jewellery worn by Aussie stars Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman on tour, Jeweller Neil Lane sheds light on his favourite hollywood moments

A stunning array of jewellery is on display in an Australian museum, showcasing some of the finest pieces worn by actresses from the land Down Under including Nicole Kidman who sparkled in Stefano Canturi’s Moulin Rouge necklace. Jeweller Neil Lane provides insight on the latest jewellery trends while also discussing some of his favourite Hollywood moments. Read the full story on Tiffany & Co’s blue box and its patented Pantone colour, and leap into Cartier’s new 56-piece collection inspired by its iconic panther. Read more »

Weekend Reading
Take a look at the ‘traditional’ locket that holds thousands of photos, 3.37-carat exquisite purple diamond on show, men’s jewellery back in fashion

Why carry one photo around your neck, when you can carry thousands of photos? The classic locket appears to be the latest jewellery piece transformed by the digital revolution, with the announcement of a new prototype – called "Purple" – that allows wearers to access their favourite memories via a touch screen.

Speaking of purple, a rare fancy-coloured purple diamond has gone on public display for the first time – it’s set to sell for nearly US$4 million. And in other news, a man’s penchant for accessorising with jewellery doesn’t seem to be slowing. Read more »

Weekend Reading
Apple Watch: the jury is out, reviews are in, Branding revolution to transform fine jewellery, Smart jewellery gets super smart – see the memory stick ring bling

While the fine jewellery market has traditionally been largely unbranded, analysts predict the tides are turning as major brands begin to make waves. It’s a trend that seemingly hasn’t gone unnoticed by fashion designer Zac Posen who is set to launch a fine jewellery collection.

Apple made headlines this week after finally releasing its own version of the smartwatch. Weekend Reading provides a carefully curated set of articles that provide the ultimate down low on the new Apple Watch. And speaking of wearable technology, digital jewellery also faces a new frontier – the latest involves a cleverly disguised USB flash drive! Read more »

Weekend Reading
First peek at Brangelina wedding bands, 2,000 year-old Roman jewellery unearthed, What’s the main challenge men face when proposing?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s secret wedding has taken the world by storm, but they can’t keep it all a secret can they? Take a peek at Brangelina’s modest wedding bands – simplicity was the theme for their special day. Kept safe underground since 61AD, a collection of Roman jewellery has recently been discovered. Said to have been hidden by a Roman woman for safekeeping, the jewellery is evidence of resistance against Queen Boudicca and her powerful army. Get rid of the bulky engagement ring box and welcome the sleek and crafty Clifton box. Intel’s MICA bracelet is a wearable device for women, a stylish culmination of fashion and smartwatch technology. Read more »


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