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Holly Budge
Holly Budge

Kiwi jeweller turns quake grief into jewellery

Christchurch jeweller Holly Budge has launched a jewellery collection based on her experience of the 7.1-Richter earthquake that hit her hometown less than two months ago.
Although she escaped relatively unscathed, Budge played witness to the destruction the disaster brought onto Christchurch.

“There was carnage, some buildings were missing roofs and many shops were in turmoil,” Budge told Jeweller.

“I felt very fortunate to endure this powerful force of nature with no personal damage and I felt compelled to use my skills as a jewellery designer to produce a collection.”

The range is titled “7.1 Quake Collection” and Budge intends to donate 7.1 per cent of her jewellery sales to the earthquake appeal and victims of the ordeal.

The collection will be reminiscent of the events, emotions and changes Budge has observed in Christchurch. A recurrent theme throughout the collection will be circles, symbolising the “earth’s recurring tremors”.

Budge has used materials such as turquoise, coral, smoky quartz, onyx and raw stones such as lava to “represent the contrasting cityscape and the changes to it” and narrate the story of the disaster that hit her town and people.

“I find myself instinctively drawn to the vibrant colours and textures of semi-precious stones, beads and silver which I hunt out in the most bizarre and wonderful places. My jewellery is truly inspired by my adventures, travels and life experiences,” Budge told Jeweller.

Natural materials such as vegetable ivory, wood, shells and coconut will feature throughout the collection as well.

Budge also uses handmade, hammered sterling silver chains to signify the spirit and inherent strength of the Christchurch community that congregated together in the face of adversity.

Having narrowly escaped the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004, Budge is no stranger to danger. She has broken two world records by completing the world’s longest horse race of 1,000 kilometres in Mongolia and becoming the first woman to skydive over Mount Everest.

If her current collection is the brainchild of a traumatic tragedy, her upcoming collections will be inspired by more positive experiences. In early 2011, Budge is set to embark on an expedition in the high eastern peaks of Llanganates National Park in Ecuador and after that, the next adventure on the horizon for her is to climb Mount Everest.

The 7.1 Quake Collection will launch in Merivale, Christchurch, on October 21. It will consist of necklaces, lariats, pendants, earrings and bracelets. Budge has plans to distribute her earthquake jewellery overseas but until then, she is taking overseas orders through her website.

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Monday, 20 August, 2018 03:23am
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