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Clockwise from top left: the Hope Spinel; Christie's 16.08-carat pink diamond; the ring and earrings from Leonard Joel's record-breaking emerald and diamond suite; Leonard Joel's Tiffany ring; Sotheby's 12.03-carat Blue Moon

Record-breaking gemstones flood auction sector

The jewellery auction market appears to be buzzing with news that a renowned spinel has sold for about five times more than expected, while a record-breaking sale has taken place in Australia. Read more »
The bejeweled corpse is believed to be a Sarmatian warrior woman. Source: Institute of Archaeology, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)

Ancient warrior grave yields ‘priceless’ gold

Construction work has led to the discovery of a gold and silver jewellery-laden corpse that is believed to be an ancient noble female warrior. Read more »
Image source: Benah Jewellery

Monthly Overview
Jewellery industry’s latest challenge: pink diamonds

If you thought a pink diamond was a pink diamond, think again! Sure, there’s a world of difference between a natural and synthetic stone, but did you realise there’s also a world of difference between an Australian pink diamond and all others? Read more »

Aussie gemstones: sapphire

Sapphire has played a unique role in Australia’s mining history that stretches back to the 1850s with the discovery of the first sapphire in NSW. In the first installment of a series looking at Aussie gemstones, MEGAN AUSTIN explores this home-grown treasure. Read more »

The gem detective: red gemstones

Faceted, red gemstones represent the colour of love, fire and passion, and are always in demand. What could they be? MEGAN AUSTIN reports. Read more »
Researchers have discovered fire opal in a Martian meteorite fragment

Opal discovery is out of this world

Scientists have confirmed the presence of opal on Mars, which could also potentially provide further information on whether Earth’s neighbouring planet once contained life. Read more »
The gemstone collection is estimated to have a retail value of more than $16 million

Hundreds of rare gemstones to be auctioned

A private collection of some 680 rare gemstones, believed to be one of the largest in Europe, will go under the hammer later this year. Read more »

The gem detective: green gemstones

Transparent, faceted green gemstones ranging from mint to moss to dark viridian have held our fascination for generations. What could they be? Megan Austin continues the Gem Detective series. Read more »
A criminal operation in Brazil was illegally selling valuable Paraiba tourmaline

Exposed: major criminal tourmaline operation

Brazilian police have uncovered a criminal operation that involved the illegal extraction and sale of one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. Read more »
The Capricorn Sapphire mine is said to be the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere

Australia offers ‘huge’ sapphire promise

Production has commenced at an Australian sapphire mine that is said to have the potential to become one of the largest in the world. Read more »
The Montepuez deposit has yielded two matching rubies with a combined weight of 45 carats

Rare ruby duo discovered in Africa

A gemstone mining company claims to have unearthed a rare pair of matching rubies from the same area that recently produced another impressive gemstone. Read more »
Geologists are questioning whether Australian opal qualifies as a Global Heritage Stone Resource

Aussie opal considered for world stage

Australian opal is currently at the centre of a debate as to whether it should receive international recognition as a heritage stone. Read more »


Monday, 16 July, 2018 09:17am
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