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Paterson Fine Jewellery

Profile:Paterson Fine Jewellery is one of Australia's largest and oldest jewellery manufacturers with factories in both Australia and Thailand. Paterson Fine Jewellery specialises in children's jewellery, opal and men's jewellery.

“Try not to become a company of just success, but rather strive to become a company of value. You will be considered successful if you receive more from what you put in. But a company of value will give more than they receive." -Albert Einstein

Paterson Fine Jewellery is a wholesale and manufacturing business that is customer focused and service driven.

We fully embrace the ideologies of Value Added business practices.

We believe that we exist to service the needs of the retail and wholesale jewellery industry.

Whilst we will continue to develop new and innovative jewellery products and concepts, we also aim to work with our customers in developing the idea’s and needs of our customers.

Our mantra is to add value to everything we sell by offering credit facilities, re-size and repair service, guarantee’s, next day delivery, and customized manufacturing.

We are available by phone and email anytime of the day, and will reply to all customer queries and orders within 12 hours.

We aim to offer not only the jewellery items, but also packaging, in-store displays, care cards, info cards, co-op advertising, and social media awareness campaigns on branded product.
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