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NSW Australia 2070

F: 02 9415 8363

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Najo uncovers the El Tribu collection.
Najo offers a Basket of Dreams.
Najo provides a vintage feel.
Najo is sophisticated with steel.
NAJO is a jewellery brand that was established in 1986 after its founder Jo Tory had been living in Mexico for several years. The Najo brand is now sold extensively in Australia and New Zealand and is gradually expanding into international markets.

Specialising in sterling silver jewellery, Najo strives to be an industry leader by focusing on innovative design, excellent quality and exceptional customer service.

Najo’s product range comprises a core range of classic sterling silver designs which are timeless and continually saleable. The core range is complemented by two half-yearly, themed releases of approximately 300 new pieces featuring new design directions, new materials and new inspiration.

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Sterling Silver Jewellery
La Gitana Spring/Summer 2014
Pequeno Prayer Cylinder
sterling silver, 10mm x 45mm pendant, 1mm wide silver chain, 80cm long
Rings - General
Estupenda Ring
oxidised silver, 38x22mm oval

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