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Directory - Bella Donna Silver

PO Box 838
QLD Australia 4560

P: 1300 668 260
F: 1300 613 757

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Bella Donna Silver chimes a new tune.
Bella Donna Silver chimes in.
Bella Donna Silver sheds a tear.
Bella Donna Silver bounces along with its "Harmony Ball" bracelets.
Known as Harmony Balls or Dream Balls, these new pendants are the latest from Bella Donna Silver.
Branded, unique & exclusive sterling silver Harmony Balls, plain silver, pearl and keepsake jewellery.

Beautiful gift wrapping and store merchandising all supplied free of charge. Delight your customers with unique designs, high quality jewellery, LIFETIME GUARANTEE, affordable prices & a brand that supports you every step of the way.

BELLA DONNA SILVER support our global community by returning profits to orphaned children and providing fair work conditions to our team of jewellers to help provide them all with a bright and hopeful future.

Jason and Donna Quinn support their large retailer network every step of the way and look forward to helping you.
Harmony Ball Bracelet Join in the fun with our Harmony Ball bracelets
Harmony Ball Starter Pack Includes 15 sterling silver harmony balls in various sizes and designs, black silk cords, gift bags & story cards (called Collector's guide)
Harmony Balls Some customer favourites ....
Sterling Silver Jewellery
Harmony Balls Some more customer favourites

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