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Bjørn Gulden has resigned as CEO

Pandora CEO resigns

Pandora has announced the resignation of its CEO – effective as of 1 July – who is stepping down from the role after little more than 12 months in the top job.  Read more »
Chamilia Australia will end operations 30 April, and the industry responds

Jewellery industry reacts to Chamilia exit

Chamilia’s imminent departure from the Australia and New Zealand jewellery market has left the industry in a mixed state of shock, apprehension and optimism.  Read more »
Etsy's generic jewellery page

Etsy drops Fine Jewellery

Etsy has decided to remove the Fine Jewellery browse section from its homepage, following a decline in both visits and purchases from the category.  Read more »

Jewellery fair cut for 2014

Following much discussion about the appropriate number of Australian jewellery trade fairs and their locations, organisers have announced that there will be two shows in 2014, instead of three.  Read more »


Friday, 17 August, 2018 12:38am
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