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Mark McAskill Jewellery's tanzanite and diamond ring

Mark McAskill Jewellery

2017 Brisbane Jewellery Fair Stand C05
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Peter W Beck's Zirconium range

Peter W Beck

2017 Brisbane Jewellery Fair Stand C02
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Portobello's Anne ring

Portobello Jewellery

2017 Brisbane Jewellery Fair Stand C03
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A piece from Soklich & Co's Kimberley Champagne collection

Soklich & Co

2017 Brisbane Jewellery Fair Stand A10
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Tiffany & Co's Christmas sales were 'somewhat lower' than expected. Image courtesy: <a href="" target="_blank">Facebook/Tiffany & Co</a>

Tiffany & Co CEO resigns amid disappointing sales

On the heels of reporting disappointing sales for the festive period, Tiffany & Co CEO Frederic Cumenal has resigned after less than two years in the role. Read more >>
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According to the WGC, gold jewellery demand fell to a seven-year low in 2016

Gold jewellery demand falls to seven-year low

A new World Gold Council (WGC) study found that although overall global gold demand rose 2 per cent in 2016, the jewellery sector recorded a 15 per cent decline compared to 2015. Read more >>
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Collective Designs' Misani bracelet

Collective Designs

2017 Brisbane Jewellery Fair Stand C10
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A selection of The High Roller rings

The High Roller

2017 Brisbane Jewellery Fair Stand D28
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The jewellery industry has reported overall flat trading during Christmas in 2016. Image courtesy: Apart jewellery

Christmas jewellery sales represent ‘new normal’

Feedback has revealed relatively flat trading for the 2016 Christmas period; however, results appear to have met industry expectations as jewellers adjust to a retail environment described as the “new normal”. Read more >>
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Details have been confirmed for Thailand's two jewellery fairs

Dates set for rival Thailand jewellery fairs

Following industry confusion last year, the 2017 dates and venues of Thailand’s two independently organised jewellery fairs appear to have been finalised. Read more >>
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The arrests come after Victoria Police established a taskforce to investigate a series of jewellery store robberies across Melbourne

Five arrested over Toorak jewellery robbery

Five people have been arrested in relation to the brazen armed robbery that occurred at IMP Jewellery in Toorak, Melbourne. Read more >>
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The latest armed attack on IMP Jewellery marks the second time in three months that the business has been targeted

Melbourne jewellery stores under attack

Jewellery stores across Melbourne have been prime targets of armed robberies, with a spate of brazen heists taking place in the past month. Read more >>
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