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Renee Blackwell

White metals are all the rage

As gold prices continue to rocket, other pale precious metals are having their turn to shine. Carla Caruso discovers how the market is swaying demand and design. Read more >>
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Olga Karolina's cognac amber and sterling silver pendant

Olga Karolina

Hailing from the provinces of Eastern Europe, this amber piece of jewellery is the latest from Olga Karolina. Read more >>
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Thomas Sabo's new Charm Up Your Diamond range

Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo’s latest Charm Club Collection will be its first to include diamond-set charms. Read more >>
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Roman Empire replica coin pendant

Stones & Silver

This coin pendant from Stones & Silver evokes the grandeur of the bygone Roman Empire. Read more >>
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Turquoise ring, part of a five-piece set


Panarea, a volcanic island north of Sicily, is the muse behind Nomination’s new jewellery collection. Read more >>
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Ellani Collections' new floral sterling silver ring

Ellani Collections

This three-tone flower ring embodies the vibrant colours and floral theme of Ellani’s 2010 spring collection. Read more >>
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Lara Hall's new sterling silver flower cuff

Lara Hall

Keeping in line with the organic motifs of its spring collection “Flowers”, Lara Hall has released this seasonal cuff. Read more >>
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Ventum's new green Swarovski crystal cube bracelet


This green Swarovski crystal cube bracelet is part of Ventum’s flagship steel mesh and sterling silver collection. Read more >>
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Worth and Douglas' men's rings which are part of a burgeoning industry of silver jewellery

Skyrocketing silver price a long-term prospect?

Silver’s escalation to a 30-year price high on Friday October 8 could be the start of a long-term pattern, industry sources have speculated. Read more >>
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Najo's new sterling silver rings


These sterling silver rings are part of Najo’s new seasonal Secret Garden collection. Read more >>
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A sterling silver and gold plated piece of Ajit Imports and Exports' new Aura Collective line

Gem wholesaler expands into jewellery

Ajit Imports and Exports has expanded its gem wholesaling business into jewellery, with the launch of a new fashion line called The Aura Collective. Read more >>
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Saturday, 25 March, 2017 08:56am
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