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The GIA recently discovered a synthetic diamond that featured a fraudulent 'natural' diamond inscription

Synthetic diamond discovered with ‘fake’ inscription

A synthetic diamond submitted to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has been described as “blatant fraud” after it was found to contain an inscription that matched a natural diamond report. Read more »
Bolton Gems’ Biron synthetic diamond

New Products
Bolton Gems

Bolton Gems explores new diamond territory. Read more »
De Beers Group's IIDGR has released its synthetic screening machine

De Beers releases synthetic screening device for jewellers

De Beers Group has introduced an ‘industry-first’ synthetic detection device for retailers that screens multiple diamonds set in jewellery. Read more »
Various organisations have banded together to protect the natural diamond industry

Committee sets sights on securing diamond reputation

A number of international diamond industry organisations have formed a committee to tackle the issue of mixing undisclosed synthetic stones with natural stones, among other objectives. Read more »
The GIA recently discovered an unusual flaw commonly associated with natural diamonds in a synthetic stone. Image courtesy: GIA

‘Surprising’ GIA synthetic discovery

Gemological Institute of America (GIA) researchers have been left dumbfounded after discovering a flaw in a synthetic diamond that is commonly found in natural stones. Read more »
One diamond company has recently objected to natural diamonds being mixed with synthetics. Image courtesy: Ada Diamonds

Undisclosed natural diamonds now ‘infiltrating’ synthetics

While there have been numerous reports of synthetic diamonds fraudulently appearing in parcels of natural stones, one business has reported the opposite – “undisclosed mined diamonds” mixed with “lab-grown melee diamonds”. Read more »
The GIA discovered a natural-synthetic composite. Image courtesy: GIA, Sood Oil (Judy) Chia

GIA uncovers natural diamond with synthetic ‘overgrowth’

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has uncovered a natural diamond with a blue synthetic coating, and has warned that other ‘hybrids’ might be on the market. Read more »
The GIA’s new device is capable of testing stones both loose and set in jewellery

GIA releases synthetics detector for diamond jewellery

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has introduced a testing device that is capable of separating natural diamonds from suspected synthetics regardless of whether the stone is loose or set in jewellery. Read more »
The GIA has uncovered a ‘significant’ percentage of undisclosed synthetic diamonds

GIA ‘significant’ synthetics discovery

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has recently uncovered a ‘significant’ amount of undisclosed synthetic diamonds mixed with natural stones. Read more »
The service addresses industry concerns regarding melee parcels containing undisclosed synthetic and treated diamonds

GIA releases melee screening service to trade

Following a five-month trial, the GIA has introduced its Melee Analysis Service in an attempt to address concerns about undisclosed synthetic and treated diamonds. Read more »
The GIA stated the synthetic could have been mistakenly identified as natural under microscope

GIA makes ‘milestone’ synthetic discovery

The GIA has marked a “significant milestone”, having identified an undisclosed 5.19-carat CVD synthetic diamond that is believed to be the largest of its kind reported in the jewellery industry. Read more »

Feature Stories
Synthetic diamond spotlight: what does the Aussie industry think?

Synthetic diamonds were a hot topic at the Sydney jewellery fair, with a panel discussion taking place to address how this sector is impacting the local market. Read more »


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