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BaselWorld shines on all fronts

Around 1,500 exhibitors from 40 countries participated in this year’s BaselWorld event. More than 100,000 visitors from 100 countries attended the massive show and, importantly for the industry, most were smiling.  Read more »

Diamond course enrolments open

Enrolments are now open for two of the Gemmological Association of Australia’s (GAA) diamond courses.  Read more »
Swarovski's plans for expansion were recently revealed at BaselWorld

Swarovski’s bold brand plan

Swarovski has announced that it intends to become the global jewellery market leader as part of its 2020 Vision brand development program.  Read more »
Nationwide Jewellers launches online store

Nationwide introduces online shopping

Nationwide Jewellers will soon be providing its members with access to an online showroom that features full ecommerce functionality.  Read more »
Tiffany and Costco in trademark dispute

Tiffany vs Costco – round 3

Lawyers for Tiffany & Co have gone back to court in an attempt to have Costco’s counterclaim that a “Tiffany setting” is generic, thrown out. Read more »
Gemesis has released the world's largest, cleanest lab-created diamond

World’s largest lab-created diamond produced

US-based Gemesis Diamond Company claims that is has produced the largest and whitest lab-created diamond – weighing 1.29 carats – in the world.  Read more »
2007 Winner of the Queensland Boulder Opal Awards

Opal jewellery awards calls for entries

The Queensland Boulder Opal Association has announced that registrations are now open for its annual jewellery design awards.  Read more »
Phot Credit: Vogue

The Great Gatsby-inspired jewellery

The Great Gatsby is a renowned story celebrating an era of jazz music, flapper culture, decadent parties and last, but definitely not least, a treasure box of resplendent jewellery pieces. Read more »
Bjørn Gulden has resigned as CEO

Pandora CEO resigns

Pandora has announced the resignation of its CEO – effective as of 1 July – who is stepping down from the role after little more than 12 months in the top job.  Read more »
Gold jewellery demand declined by 4.2 per cent in 2012

Demand tumbles for gold jewellery

A new report has found that the world demand for gold jewellery fell by 4.2 per cent in 2012, largely due to declines in demand in India and Europe.  Read more »
The Princie Diamond sets record at Christie's auction

$40 million for ancient diamond

The largest fancy pink Golconda diamond ever to be offered at auction has sold for almost US$40 million – $10 million more than its estimated price, setting a new record in the process.   Read more »
Gold crucifix pendant

Is your jewellery store ready for Orthodox Easter?

While Easter was celebrated more than one month ago by many western churches, Orthodox Easter takes place this Sunday 5 May. Could it be another opportunity for a holiday-themed promotion?  Read more »


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