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Angelina Jolie

Little Gems
Brad and Angelina turn designers

The "Little Gems" bulletin board is filled with weird and wonderful snippets about the world of jewellery. Read more »
Cutting coloured gems requires a certain amount of skill

Cutting coloured gems

The cutting of coloured gemstones is an entirely different process to that of cutting diamonds. As TERRY COLDHAM advises, many more factors must be taken into account from the very start. Read more »
The diamond industry is facing ongoing challenges

Feature Stories
Diamond industry recovery still shaky

Reports of a diamond industry recovery may be premature with the trade still facing many pertinent challenges. Nick Lord reports. Read more »
Thomas Sabo

Feature Stories
Generation spend

To sell effectively, it's crucial that retailers understand the differences between the spending patterns of each generation. GRETEL HUNNERUP reports. Read more »

Feature Stories
Customised jewellery has personal appeal

Jewellery designers continue re-inventing ways for customers to compile their own unique, individualised jewellery. BIANCA MANGION reports. Read more »
Jan Logan

Top Jewellery Trends
Cool change for jewellery trends

Jewellery suppliers are revisiting eighties excess and bohemian chic this autumn and winter, as well as venturing to the dark side. CARLA CARUSO reports. Read more »
A "synthetic" diamond

New labels for synthetic diamonds

In a momentous decision for the jewellery industry, non-natural diamonds will no longer have to be labelled as "synthetic". Read more »

JAA to publish award winners

The JAA has announced plans to partner with a prominent fashion magazine to publicise the 2010 Jewellery Design Awards.
Read more »

Unrest continues in NCJV

Unrest amongst NCJV Victoria members has led to calls for a meeting with management. Read more »
Australian Opal Cutters

ACCC acts against jeweller

The ACCC has ordered a Sydney jeweller to remove misleading advertising. Read more »
Ebay ordered to pay damages to Louis Vuitton

eBay ordered to pay damages

eBay has been successfully sued for “harming the reputation” of a luxury brand. Read more »
Coleby Nicholson

Editor's Desk
Bonsai Buddhism

Are there similarities between bonzai gardening and jewellery? Coleby Nicholson thinks so. Read more »


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