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Ausdex Diamond Exchange website

Ausdex Australian Diamond Exchange closes after bankruptcy

A number of questions are being raised about a Geelong-based online diamond business after its owner declared bankruptcy before Christmas and the business’ website was closed on Tuesday. After months of confusion Ausdex Australian Diamond Exchange and its website has finally ceased operating. Read more »
Ausdex Diamond Exchange

Online diamond business closes after bankruptcy

After the recent liquidation of Diamond Exchange another online diamond business has closed after one of its founders declared bankruptcy before Christmas and the website was taken offline on Tuesday. 

Read more »
Diamond Exchange - closed/open

Diamond Exchange website goes live again

In what is likely to cause a furore among stung consumers, the Diamond Exchange website has resumed operation – despite there being some confusion surrounding the name Read more »
Georgini's black cubic zirconia 'Amour' pendant

New Products

This intricately set black cubic zirconia pendant is Georgini’s latest offering for Valentine’s Day. Read more »
The Purple Haze Swarovski pendant

New Products

A Purple Haze Swarovski crystal is the centre stone of this heart-shaped pendant. Read more »
'Love Letter' charms and lockets

New Products
Worth & Douglas

These ‘Love Letter’ charms and lockets are part of Worth & Douglas’s latest selection of Valentine’s Day jewellery. Read more »
Blue Turtles floral, heart-shaped earrings

New Products
Blue Turtles

Real flowers are fundamental components of these heart-shaped earrings from Blue Turtles. Read more »
A piece from the REGARD range

New Products
SJ Jewels

SJ Jewels’ gold ‘Regard’ and ‘Dearest’ pieces offer hidden meaning to their wearer. Read more »
Guess 'Rosette' watch

New Products

The flower-themed ‘Rosette’ watches by Guess are modelled after the ancient symbol of love and beauty. Read more »
A sterling silver Green Lantern ring coated with green resin

Australian first for Batman and Superman jewellery

An Australian jewellery manufacturer has become the first company in the country to obtain a Warner Brothers licence for DC Comics jewellery. Read more »
A group of websites have supposedly been promoting, advertising and selling jewellery with Tifffany Marks on them, despite their goods not being genuine Tiffany products

Tiffany sues websites for infringement

Luxury high-end jeweller Tiffany & Co has filed a lawsuit on three counts against a group of websites. Read more »
Gold jewellery wholesalers Allure Gold has promised to rectify its instances of misconduct

Jewellery supplier caught out for illegal activities

Australian supplier Global Enterprises, which trades as Allure Gold, has been taken to task by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) for engaging in resale price maintenance, as well as misrepresenting consumer warranty rights and the composition of certain jewellery pieces. Read more »


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