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Guild Jewellery Design Harry Potter Sterling Silver Collection

New Products
Harry Potter

Guild Jewellery bedazzles with Harry Potter. Read more »
Pink Kimberley Simona Ring

New Products
Pink Kimberley Diamonds

Pink Kimberley Diamonds shows its magnificence. Read more »
Amaya Jewellery ID bracelets

New Products
Amaya Jewellery

Amaya Jewellery flies high in the blue sky. Read more »
Paterson Fine Jewellery bracelet collection

New Products
Paterson Fine Jewellery

Paterson Fine Jewellery shines bright with love. Read more »
Pia & Per pink bracelet collection

New Products
Pia & Per

Pia & Per stands out in bubblegum pink. Read more »
Guild Jewellery Design Looney Tunes Tweety Bird

New Products
Looney Tunes

Guild Jewellery brings back a Warner Brother's classic. Read more »
Couture Kingdom Disney Jewellery Collection

New Products
Couture Kingdom

Couture Kingdom believes that beauty lies within. Read more »
Stones & Silver black enamel jewellery collection

New Products
Stones & Silver

Stones & Silver stuns in vintage black. Read more »
Collective Designs Misani Bracelet

New Products

Misani allures with hammered gold. Read more »
Guild Jewellery Design Batman silver stud earrings

New Products
Guild Jewellery Design

Guild Jewellery Design is inspired by superheroes. Read more »
Ellendale Diamonds Australia 18-carat rose and white gold stackable rings

New Products
Ellendale Diamonds Australia

Ellendale Diamonds Australia meets perfection. Read more »

Feature Stories
The evolution of branded jewellery in 2018

Branded jewellery continues to enjoy the spotlight, but has the market changed? Are consumers shifting away from branded products? LUCY JOHNSON reports. Read more »


Sunday, 22 July, 2018 05:37am
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