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Bolton Gems' new engagement ring

Bolton Gems

Bolton Gems’ stunning engagement ring captures a great cut of diamond that should shine on forever. Read more >>
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Zinzi's new bracelet


Zinzi’s latest updates to its necklace and bracelet range include a bevy of gorgeous new colours. Read more >>
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Adami & Martucci's new bracelet

Adami & Martucci

Adami & Martucci releases a lustrous new bracelet as part of its Ocean collection. Read more >>
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Evergem's new earrings


New from Evergem come these sparkling shepherds hook, cushion cut earrings. Read more >>
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Thomas Sabo's Charm Club

Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo’s Charm Club launches a new collection, Falling in Love. Read more >>
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The new Weekender range from Timex


Timex presents the ‘Weekender’, a classic-style watch available in many colours. Read more >>
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Lee-Anne Minturn is president of the Jewellery Industry Association in New Zealand.

Get involved in your industry

In the jewellery trade in New Zealand at the moment there are great pools of apathy where many sit back and bathe in the “temperate waters.” But why accept any situation with un-abashed apathy when this is the trade which you work within? Read more >>
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Be careful you're not standing out like everyone else! It's not different if everyone does it!

Do you want to make an impact? These three letters hold the secret

USP – these three letters are thrown around often and retailers have been told that implementing unique selling propositions can help provide an edge over competitors. The question is … do you understand the true meaning? Subscription required. Read more >>
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Coleby Nicholson

Euro Thrash

How many American jewellery brands can you name compared to European brands? Coleby Nicholson explores why Australia and NZ will see more EuroBrands marching Down Under.  Subscription required. Read more >>
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Learn to keep your relationship with your customer fresh and exciting

Why customer service is like dating

The most important ingredient in the recipe for jewellery retail success is the customer – without them there is no retail business. Nancy Georges reports on how to keep the relationship fresh. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Gemmology 101: Diamonds

Diamonds are the most popular of all gemstones, desired for their beauty, their unusual attributes and the myths and legends attached to them. It goes without saying that well-cut diamonds displaying fire and scintillation are considered by many to be the most beautiful gems. Subscription required. Read more >>
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New Danish jewellery blossoms early

The European ‘invasion’ of Australia continues as another Danish jewellery range was launched at the Brisbane Jewellery Fair.  Read more >>
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