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Allure South Sea Pearls' flower pendant

New Products
Allure South Sea Pearls

Allure South Sea Pearls designs stunning flora. Read more »
New additions to Worth & Douglas' bangle collection

New Products
Worth & Douglas

Worth & Douglas has an intricate appeal. Read more »
Miglio Designer Jewellery's La Femme Matale necklace

New Products
Miglio Designer Jewellery

Miglio Designer Jewellery links up a charmer. Read more »
A range of TWM Co's silver-filled wedding rings

New Products

TWM Co shares the love of silver and gold. Read more »
Australian Chocolate Diamonds' 9-carat pendant

New Products
Australian Chocolate Diamonds

Australian Chocolate Diamonds is full of motherly love. Read more »
Pink Kimberley's drop earrings

New Products
Pink Kimberley

Pink Kimberley travels west. Read more »
Image courtesy: <a href="" target="_blank">Pantone</a>

Top Jewellery Trends
Pantone 2016 autumn jewellery trend shakeup

If Pantone’s latest colour trend forecast is any indication, then jewellery designs for the upcoming season may involve a move away from ‘typical’ autumn hues. Read more »
Stones & Silver's rose-gold plated sterling silver pendants

New Products
Stones & Silver

Stones & Silver shines with colour. Read more »
Protea Diamonds' art deco ring

New Products
Protea Diamonds

Protea Diamonds feels decorative. Read more »
Featured pieces from Pastiche's Gravity collection

New Products

Pastiche balances delicacy and strength. Read more »
Disney Couture's Signature Alice necklaces

New Products
Disney Couture

Disney Couture peers through the looking glass. Read more »
Thomas Sabo's Dream Catcher ring

New Products
Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo defends against evil. Read more »


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