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J.Lo and Kanye West’s DJ launches jewellery collection, Is this Kylie Jenner’s wedding ring? Francesca Cartier Brickell discusses Cartier history

Called upon for private Hollywood parties hosted by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Kanye West, J Ruckus is one in-demand DJ. But it seems spinning the decks is not his only passion. Inspired by the strong women in his life, Ruckus is joining jewellery designer Alexis Dawn Geller to launch a new necklace range, Ruckus for Roxhouse. The pair’s mutual love for bold crystals has created the “perfect mix of bling and funky energy”. Read more >>
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Sams Group Australia's Argyle pink diamond

0.66-carat Argyle pink

Sams Group Australia stuns with this pear-shaped diamond. Read more >>
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Carat Smart's 32.06-carat fancy yellow diamond

32.06-carat intense yellow

Carat Smart Australia showcases this huge diamond.
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Sparkle Impex's dark champagne diamond

2.37-carat dark champagne

Sparkle Impex enjoys a splash of champagne.
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Blue Star & Kiven Diamonds' Argyle pink diamond

0.55-carat Argyle pink

Blue Star & Kiven Diamonds offers a fancy Argyle pink diamond for the discerning buyer. Read more >>
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Kimberley Rough Diamonds' 1.85-carat diamond

1.85-carat rough

Kimberley Rough Diamonds delivers straight from the ground. Read more >>
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Royal Gem Australia's 20.21-carat diamond

20.21-carat white

Royal Gem Australia shocks with this stunner.
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Australian Chocolate Diamonds' 5.03-carat diamond

5.03-carat chocolate

Australian Chocolate Diamonds has a tasty treat.
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Lost River Diamonds' purplish pink diamond

0.46-carat purplish pink

Lost River Diamonds travels the world.
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Vital Diamonds' fancy yellow matching diamonds

1.13-carat fancy yellow

Vital Diamonds is twice the fun.
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Endless Jewelry's new manufacturing partnership will help meet strong global demand

Endless demand for new Danish jewellery brand

Demand appears to be soaring for Danish newcomer Endless Jewelry, which has signed a partnership agreement to double its jewellery production capacity. Read more >>
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A number of topical jewellery industry issues were raised at the 2015 CIBJO Congress

CIBJO seeks to ‘monitor’ diamond labs

An international forum of jewellery, gemstone and grading organisations has raised a number of important industry issues and established further actions to address them. Read more >>
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