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Editor's Desk
Jewellers Association needs a Brexit

It’s time for the Australian jewellery industry to bring about its own Brexit. With the upcoming AGM scheduled for 15 November, I believe current Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA) president Selwyn Brandt must leave (exit) the board if the industry is to become united and cohesive. Read more »

Feature Stories
Australia on show at Indian jewellery fair

While the India International Jewellery Show in Mumbai is one of the industry’s largest, few people realise the importance of Australia to the Indian diamond market. COLEBY NICHOLSON reports. Read more »

Feature Stories
International Jewellery Fair: The inside scoop

The 2017 IJF has concluded with the organiser and exhibitors delivering on the promise of exciting new initiatives but was it enough to unite the industry? EMILY MOBBS reports. Read more »
Thomas Sabo

Feature Stories
A new frontier for men's jewellery

Optimism abounds the men’s jewellery sector as suppliers refine products in line with the Aussie male’s conservative but far from dull demands. EMILY MOBBS reports. Read more »

Raising the fashion jewellery stakes

Lobe layering and bold statement earrings are just some of the biggest fashion trends right now. ANGELA TUFVESSON scours the globe in search of what’s hot this season. Read more »

A story proving there’s still value in retail

News that Pandora Australia is set to open a flagship store in Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall is interesting on many fronts. For starters, the building at 280-282 Bourke Street is six levels and Pandora is reportedly paying around $1 million in annual rent. Secondly, Pandora already has three other stores close by – Little Collins Street, Emporium Melbourne and Melbourne Central. Read more »

Top Jewellery Trends
Jewellery trend forecast heats up

A new season is here, bringing with it a host of on-trend pieces to tempt the local market. Suppliers outline the key trends and inspirations influencing the fashion landscape. Read more »

Soapbox & Opinions
Turning fear into power

The recent spate of attacks on jewellery stores and other retailers in Melbourne has understandably generated fear among some business operators; however, rather than letting this fear get the better of retailers, it is important to explore ways of channelling these energies into confronting fears. Read more »
Image Courtesy: Greg C Grace

Colour investigation: Garnet

The spectacular phenomenon of colour change can only be seen in a small handful of gemstones. The garnet group, usually recognised for its rich reds, can supply fine examples of this playful effect. STACEY LIM reports. Read more »

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Don't make these social media mistakes: Part 1

In part one of a two-part series, ALFRED LUA from social media management platform Buffer discusses how businesses can easily learn from the errors of others. Read more »

Why sales hiring is so hard to get right

Hiring quickly might help to fill short-term vacancies on the sales floor but GRETCHEN GORDON believes hasty decisions can dramatically increase resourcing costs. Read more »

Seven ways to respect customers

There are right and wrong ways to request customer data and DENYSE DRUMMOND-DUNN says using the right protocol is essential for establishing long-lasting customer relationships. Subscription required. Read more »


Monday, 23 October, 2017 08:07am
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