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Leaders need to ‘own’ all obstacles

There are two types of retail leaders - which one are you?

You don’t change staff behaviours and actions by talking about it; you change it by driving development daily. DOUG FLEENER outlines how to become a better sales-growth leader and coach. Read more »
Each ‘no’ will eventually lead to a ‘yes’

Tips on Selling
How to conquer your fear of closing sales

Closing is the hardest part of any sale because it exposes salespeople to rejection; however BRIAN JEFFREY says fearing it is not the answer- expert sales staff can use it to their advantage. Read more »
Time to learn the tricks from the big guys

Tips on Selling
Retail techniques

Online mega-retailers are dominating the market, yet traditional retailers remain slow to learn from them. GRAHAM JONES discusses how traditional retail techniques are failing to impress customers. Read more »

My Store
My Store: Diamond Exchange

DIAMOND EXCHANGE showroom idea was to use the design and furnishings to create a romantic and elegant space to fit with the creation of precious moments and memories. Read more »

Feature Stories
10 Years Ago in Jeweller: July 2008

A snapshot of the industry events that made news headlines in the July 2008 issue of Jeweller. Read more »

Feature Stories
When kids' jewellery grows up

As the children’s jewellery market continues to expand its horizons, the time is right for retailers to get ahead of the demand. TALIA PAZ reports. Read more »
Image courtesy Greg C Grace | Pink spinel (Left) | Purple spinel (Right)

Colour Investigation: Spinel

Until recent times, spinel was an underappreciated gem with little consumer recognition. However, as demand for ruby alternatives increase, renewed interest and enthusiasm for spinel grows. STACEY LIM reports. Read more »

Soapbox & Opinions
Time to rediscover the 'magic' of art and design

After I had a book written about me, it gave me an opportunity to reflect on all the changes that have taken place over the course of my career. Read more »

My Bench
My Bench: David McIntosh

DAVID MCINTOSH loves sapphire because of the diversity of colours. Read more »

GST applied to overseas items, wage increase

With many continuing to struggle in a volatile market, RUSSELL ZIMMERMAN brings retailers up to date on all the latest industry happenings. Read more »

Feature Stories
The evolution of branded jewellery in 2018

Branded jewellery continues to enjoy the spotlight, but has the market changed? Are consumers shifting away from branded products? LUCY JOHNSON reports. Read more »

The power of negative feedback

Feedback isn’t only about praise. Managers who become too concerned with building happy workplaces can overlook the importance of constructive and negative feedback on staff performance. JUSTIN REYNOLDS reports. Read more »


Friday, 20 July, 2018 05:18am
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