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A selection of pieces from Australian Opal Exhibition, DF Opals, Opals Australia and Paterson Fine Jewellery

Feature Stories
Get ready for an opal revival

After years of typecasting as a cheap tourist souvenir, could the opal now be receiving revered fame and status among Australians? EMILY MOBBS investigates. Read more >>
Fire of Australia opal

Feature Stories
Aussie opal on fire

One of the world’s most valuable opals has just been placed in a new home. ANGELA TUFVESSON charts the journey of the Fire of Australia from 1940s mining marvel to national treasure. Read more >>
West End Collection

Feature Stories
Unveiling the hottest fashion watch trends this season

The ubiquitous fashion watch is as popular as ever but it’s crucial for jewellers to stay in tune with market shifts to ensure this reliable item remains lucrative. ANGELA TUFVESSON reports. Read more >>

Feature Stories
Investigating the Australian jewellery landscape

A qualitative study of Australian jewellers has revealed a number of insights about the state of the industry. EMILY MOBBS reports. Read more >>

Feature Stories
Parting ways with the JAA

This month marks the end of Jeweller’s 20-year relationship with the JAA. Here, COLEBY NICHOLSON explains why the financial backing of the association will not continue. Read more >>

Soapbox & Opinions
A tale of cabbages, bread and jewellery

Would you like to know what cabbage, fruit, bread and flowers have in common with jewellery? Nothing! Read more >>
Figure 1 (left). Synthetic flux emerald. Figure 2 (centre). Hydrothermal emerald. Figure 3 (right). Natural emerald

Understanding inclusions: part 3 emerald

Understanding emerald inclusions is a vital part of the sales process. JUNE MACKENZIE reports. Read more >>

Logged On
Four SEO traps retailers should avoid

Although search engine optimisation has been around for a long time, many businesses still fall into some familiar traps. CHRIS ASHTON reports on common SEO mistakes that need to be dodged. Read more >>

Tips on Selling
Tips for increasing customer trust

The secret to driving repeat business lies in building strong customer relationships and good customer relationships begin by establishing trust. THOMAS YOUNG outlines ways retailers can improve trust. Subscription required. Read more >>

Tips on Selling
Are you networking effectively?

Networking remains one of the best resources for developing and expanding a business. DAVID BROWN discusses some techniques retailers can use to increase their networking opportunities. Subscription required. Read more >>

Seven traits of a proficient listener

It’s common for people to aspire to be good listeners in their personal lives so it follows that people should take the skill of listening to the workplace. MARIAN THIER reports. Subscription required. Read more >>

Feature Stories
How to make a profitable retail collaboration

Retail partnerships can help businesses leverage each other’s strengths to get ahead. FRANCESCA NICASIO discusses what retailers need to know when collaborating with other businesses. Subscription required. Read more >>

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Thursday, 27 April, 2017 07:28am
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