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Lifting the lid on retail trends

A raft of developments are emerging to meet changing consumer expectations. RICHARD SHAPIRO provides insight on the top trends to impact retailers in 2017. Read more >>
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Image courtesy: Nikki Lissoni

Winning trifecta: personalisation, narcissism and jewellery

Personalisation is a major trend but what is it about being in charge that excites consumers and how will it impact jewellery in 2017? ANGELA TUFVESSON reports. Read more >>
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Image courtesy: Najo

Tips to outshine jewellery competitors on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day should be a joyous occasion for families and jewellers alike. EMILY MOBBS finds out what it takes to get those cash registers ringing. Read more >>
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Courting catastrophe: tulip and diamond mania

Two investment bubbles over 340 years apart provide proof of Edmund Burke’s famous observation that those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. NURIT ROTHMANN reports. Read more >>
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Keeping up business demand with live video

Facebook Live is one of the remarkable, recent developments in the social media-marketing world. LUX NARAYAN reports on how small businesses can use the feature to increase customer engagement. Read more >>
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Figure 1. Natural, BeHT sapphire.  Figure 2. Synthetic, flame fusion sapphire

Understanding inclusions: part 2 sapphire

Inclusions are an integral part of identifying any range of treatments that can be applied to gemstones to boost value. JUNE MACKENZIE reports. Read more >>
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It’s a world of metal madness

At 47, I don’t class myself as old. Certainly I’m old to my 12 and 13-year old boys because I’m not up-to-date with current YouTube celebrity videos or memes. Theirs is a different world but I am happy in the world of jewellery manufacture and still feeling pretty current. Read more >>
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An intimate affair at Brisbane jewellery fair

It might have been smaller in size than previous years but EMILY MOBBS discovers there were still retailers and suppliers ready to do business at the Brisbane fair. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Five ways to turn customer frowns upside down

A bad review can harm a business’ reputation and drive away customers. STEPHANIE O’BRIEN outlines ways that businesses can manage stressful situations and help avoid damaging feedback. Subscription required. Read more >>
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How to stay ahead in the retail game

The future is bright for service-oriented traditional retailers as new technologies and platforms emerge to help them ensnare customers away from online outlets. DAVID BROWN reports. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Don’t have a referral team? Here’s why you should

Retailers who believe that generating referrals is as easy as turning up to networking events, doing a good job with customers or joining referral groups are leaving money on the table. MICHAEL GRIFFITHS reports. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Seven daily habits of successful leaders

There is such a thing as a formula for success and CHRIS HALLBERG says it begins by incorporating certain actions into one’s daily schedule that promote proper routines, strong networks and good health. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Monday, 27 March, 2017 03:52am
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