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The GIA stated the synthetic could have been mistakenly identified as natural under microscope

GIA makes ‘milestone’ synthetic discovery

The GIA has marked a “significant milestone”, having identified an undisclosed 5.19-carat CVD synthetic diamond that is believed to be the largest of its kind reported in the jewellery industry. Read more »
The world record 10.07-carat emerald-cut fancy deep blue diamond

‘World’s largest’ synthetic diamond record broken again

A Russian company claims to have set another record for the “world’s biggest” synthetic blue diamond. Read more »

Feature Stories
Sydney jewellery fair highs and lows

Trading at the 2016 International Jewellery Fair (IJF) reflected tough market conditions but EMILY MOBBS reports the presence of fresh products, initiatives and international visitors should boost optimism. Read more »

Feature Stories
Synthetic diamond spotlight: what does the Aussie industry think?

Synthetic diamonds were a hot topic at the Sydney jewellery fair, with a panel discussion taking place to address how this sector is impacting the local market. Read more »

Monthly Overview
Hot streak: maximising silver jewellery sales

As silver continues its hot streak, jewellers arguably need to keep abreast of market trends in order to gain their fair share of the sales pie. The trouble is finding the time. Read more »


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