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De Beers will offer a synthetic diamond screening service in India

Synthetic diamond service to boost consumer trust

De Beers Group has announced a new synthetic detection service as the diamond industry continues to bolster itself against the threat of undisclosed stones. Read more »
D-Secure is said to be able to batch test synthetic diamonds within seconds

Cost-effective synthetic diamond detector launched

A business specialising in diamond research and development has launched what it claims is the most accurate synthetic detection technology to date that can be used across the entire industry supply chain. Read more »
The GIA will produce synthetic diamonds for research purposes from 2016

GIA to start making lab-grown diamonds

The GIA will begin producing synthetic diamonds next year in order to gain a greater understanding of the properties of such stones and improve identification capabilities. Read more »

Feature Stories
Why aren’t all pink diamonds equal?

No gemstone on earth commands attention quite like the pink diamond, but successful identification and continuing production is raising challenges across the entire industry. BRANKO DELJANIN, DR ADOLF PERETTI and MATTHIAS ALESSANDRI report. Subscription required. Read more »


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