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Top performance review tips for managers

Striking a balance between praise and constructive criticism can make performance reviews more productive and satisfying for all parties. BARBARA CROWHURST outlines ways to get the most out of the process. Subscription required. Read more »

Why sales hiring is so hard to get right

Hiring quickly might help to fill short-term vacancies on the sales floor but GRETCHEN GORDON believes hasty decisions can dramatically increase resourcing costs. Read more »

Seven ways to respect customers

There are right and wrong ways to request customer data and DENYSE DRUMMOND-DUNN says using the right protocol is essential for establishing long-lasting customer relationships. Subscription required. Read more »

Achieve staff engagement with these five steps

Managers play a leading role in establishing and fostering employee engagement. PAUL KEIJZER outlines five ways to improve staff motivation and emotional well-being. Subscription required. Read more »

Irresistible tactics for busy people

Attracting attention is not only about making noise. As GRAHAM JONES reports, the type and quality of that noise really matters when it comes to generating customer leads. Subscription required. Read more »
Think hard before cutting resources

Don’t become invisible when cutting costs

Cutting resources might seem like a good idea when looking to shave costs but BARRY URQUHART reports businesses must be aware that such action can damage their market visibility and hurt their sales. Subscription required. Read more »
There are certain cues to help salespeople identify time-wasters

How to deal with time-wasting customers

Consumers who monopolise the attention of staff but still refuse to buy are time-wasters. THOMAS YOUNG advises teaching staff to recognise these qualities in a prospect and start reclaiming productivity immediately. Subscription required. Read more »

How to solve the productivity puzzle

Many successful people attribute success to their ability to focus their time, effort and energy but choosing the right tasks for the moment is a big part of the productivity puzzle. DALE FURTWENGLER reports. Subscription required. Read more »
Is it time to review the bridal sector?

Four steps for building bridal jewellery sales

With interest in the bridal category increasing over the past couple of years, DAVID BROWN states now is a good time for jewellers to pay attention to this dazzling sector and outlines key areas for consideration. Subscription required. Read more »

How to overcome ‘people’ issues in two steps

Hiring the right people is only the first step to maximising business performance. MIKE KOTSIS reports that failure to place people within the right roles is where many leaders find themselves in trouble. Subscription required. Read more »

Seven traits of a proficient listener

It’s common for people to aspire to be good listeners in their personal lives so it follows that people should take the skill of listening to the workplace. MARIAN THIER reports. Subscription required. Read more »

Seven daily habits of successful leaders

There is such a thing as a formula for success and CHRIS HALLBERG says it begins by incorporating certain actions into one’s daily schedule that promote proper routines, strong networks and good health. Subscription required. Read more »


Saturday, 18 November, 2017 11:03pm
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