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Are customers giving you 1-star ratings?

7 reasons customers are abandoning you

Perhaps you worked hard for years to build a loyal customer base, and now your customers are leaving your store in droves. STEVE DIGIOIA discusses what could have went wrong. Read more »
Ask customers for suggestions on how to improve service

Refresh your customer service

Retailers can obtain useful information when asking customers for suggestions. RICH KIZER & GEORGANNE BENDER call it their big question: “What one thing could we do to improve our customer care?” Read more »
Product assortment is a key factor

Use your data to boost loyalty and sales

Retailers in search of ways to boost loyalty and encourage repeat shopping need only look to their existing data for answers. Effective customer loyalty strategies can lead to extra sales. BRYAN PEARSON reports. Read more »

Measuring trends: keep up or miss out

In-store data can show retailers the next emerging trends, providing they know where to look. It’s a skill that’s worth learning, even if it might seem like a chore in the beginning. DAVID BROWN reports. Read more »
Use an independent accountant to reconcile the books

Retailers beware: Strategies to deal with staff theft

Internal theft is an ugly blight on retail trading. DAVID GELLER offers strategies to help. Read more »
Mission statements can help achieve success in tough times

Retail selling success: Hints & Tips

In times when trading is difficult, THOMAS YOUNG believes it’s good for organisations to go back to basics, and there’s no further back than reviewing a business’ mission statement. Read more »

Why are morning meetings more productive?

Driving a team to reach a shared goal requires owners to know what they want and what they need to do to get there. DAVID BROWN explains why a daily morning staff meeting is one of the best resources to bring to a business. Subscription required. Read more »

Business advice that rarely works

Businesses searching for a way to improve profitability and performance must consider many strategies, not all of which are going to work. DAVID SHARPE reports on the realities of some popular business advice. Subscription required. Read more »

Waging war: marketing vs sales

Should marketing be less of a focus than sales or are they equally important to retail businesses? DALE FURTWENGLER discusses the relationship between the two and if a peace treaty can be made. Subscription required. Read more »

Top performance review tips for managers

Striking a balance between praise and constructive criticism can make performance reviews more productive and satisfying for all parties. BARBARA CROWHURST outlines ways to get the most out of the process. Subscription required. Read more »

Why sales hiring is so hard to get right

Hiring quickly might help to fill short-term vacancies on the sales floor but GRETCHEN GORDON believes hasty decisions can dramatically increase resourcing costs. Read more »

Seven ways to respect customers

There are right and wrong ways to request customer data and DENYSE DRUMMOND-DUNN says using the right protocol is essential for establishing long-lasting customer relationships. Subscription required. Read more »


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