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Each ‘no’ will eventually lead to a ‘yes’

Tips on Selling
How to conquer your fear of closing sales

Closing is the hardest part of any sale because it exposes salespeople to rejection; however BRIAN JEFFREY says fearing it is not the answer- expert sales staff can use it to their advantage. Read more »
Time to learn the tricks from the big guys

Tips on Selling
Retail techniques

Online mega-retailers are dominating the market, yet traditional retailers remain slow to learn from them. GRAHAM JONES discusses how traditional retail techniques are failing to impress customers. Read more »
What are you offering your customers?

Tips on Selling
Tips for creating an irresistible offer

All businesses have an offer but not all offers are equally effective. RICK SEGAL discusses how to attract shoppers with offers that are irresistible and that will ultimately boost boost sales. Read more »

Tips on Selling
Branding and today's retail customer

Retailers should evaluate the effectiveness of branding strategies in their quest to deliver upon the customer experience promise. ELIZABETH BOYD reports. Read more »
Repair sales should be fully maximised

Tips on Selling
Sell more with jewellery repairs

A store’s repair department is an often overlooked contributor of revenue and generator of future sales. DAVID BROWN explains how retailers can take advantage. Read more »

Tips on Selling
5 hot tips to succeed in retail sales

The sales industry is filled with people who never reach their true potential, because they fail to look for new horizons. DOUG DVORAK discusses how sales professionals can take their game to the next level. Read more »

Tips on Selling
What happens to Point Of Sale in an online world?

Customers are evolving and retail metrics must evolve with them if retailers are to leverage the information they need in an omni-channel marketplace. CHRIS PETERSEN reports. Read more »

Tips on Selling
Digital age shopping: the experience is key

Traditional stores hold an advantage over online marketplaces that retailers must learn to leverage if they are to remain competitive. FRANCESCA NICASIO discusses how to attract and retain customers through amazing in-store experiences. Read more »
AI will enhance, not kill off real staff

Tips on Selling
Improving jewellery sales with technology

As the sales landscape changes, retailers must prepare for the future. One way to do this is to study how technology can assist salespeople, rather than replace them. GRETCHEN GORDON reports. Read more »
Just like the Caddyshack character who wanted to catch a gopher, retailers need to think like buyers

Tips on Selling
Think like buyers for better sales outcomes

To sell to buyers, shouldn’t salespeople think like buyers? SUE BARRETT explains why the sales process works better from the buyer’s perspective, and four simple steps to break it all down. Read more »
Readers of emails want a discount

Tips on Selling
Coupons and growing your business

Coupons are still relevant in retail and present a great way for companies to offer discounts and boost sales, although luxury retailers need to be careful when planning a promotional strategy. BRIAN EWING reports. Read more »

Tips on Selling
The aim of customer service stays the same

The industry is always changing the way it delivers customer service but is customer service itself any different? SHEP HYKEN offers retailers a customer-focused service refresher. Read more »


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