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Reflecting on five years of Jeweller’s Hits & Misses

Jeweller’s annual Hits & Misses has reached the five-year mark, making it an ideal time to look back on the industry’s most unforgettable highs and lows. Read more >>
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Synthetic diamond spotlight: part 2

Synthetic diamonds are in focus again with part 2 of a panel discussion tackling the sector's impact on the Australian industry.  Read more >>
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Tips for selling more jewellery in 2017

Christmas trading takes priority at this time of year but don’t forget it’s also an opportunity to prepare for 2017. EMILY MOBBS outlines handy hints for getting ahead in the New Year. Read more >>
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How to turn bad reviews into good business

In the internet age, just one bad review can damage sales but what if negative criticism could also be good for business? LEWIS DYSON investigates. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Garden of Diamonds

Gain a selling edge with coloured diamonds

Coloured diamonds are hot property and offering jewellery retailers a way to stand out from the crowd. EMILY MOBBS reports. Read more >>
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Thomas Sabo

Men’s jewellery: forging a new identity

Jewellery has rarely been seen as a male domain but times are changing. ANGELA TUFVESSON explains why men’s jewellery is no longer restricted to watches, wedding rings and cufflinks. Read more >>
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Luxury makes way for mid-range at world’s largest watch fair

The mounting global pressures impacting the horology industry were evident at the world’s largest watch and clock fair. MARTIN FOSTER reviews movements and trends from the event. Read more >>
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Image courtesy: The French Jewel Box

Art nouveau jewellery: investigating origins

Art Nouveau is evident today in pieces that date back more than a century and also in ephemera from the ‘hippy’ days of the 1960s. In Part 1 of this look at Art Nouveau, KATHRYN WYATT investigates the origins of this defining movement. Read more >>
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Synthetic diamond spotlight: what does the Aussie industry think?

Synthetic diamonds were a hot topic at the Sydney jewellery fair, with a panel discussion taking place to address how this sector is impacting the local market. Read more >>
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Image courtesy: Pastiche

Why silver jewellery continues to shine

Silver continues its journey towards legitimacy in luxury jewellery. EMILY MOBBS looks at the factors helping to ensure the metal shines on. Read more >>
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Welcome to the POS retail evolution

In the ever-changing retail landscape, jewellers are demanding greater functionality when it comes to POS technology. EMILY MOBBS reports on how software suppliers are taking up the challenge. Read more >>
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Sydney jewellery fair highs and lows

Trading at the 2016 International Jewellery Fair (IJF) reflected tough market conditions but EMILY MOBBS reports the presence of fresh products, initiatives and international visitors should boost optimism. Read more >>
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Sunday, 22 January, 2017 02:40pm
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