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Tips on Selling
Are your staff killing sales?

Don’t let staff member behaviour kill a potential sale. SHANE DECKER discusses how business owners and managers can learn to recognise and stop sale killing habits once and for all. Subscription required. Read more »

Tips on Selling
Don’t have a referral team? Here’s why you should

Retailers who believe that generating referrals is as easy as turning up to networking events, doing a good job with customers or joining referral groups are leaving money on the table. MICHAEL GRIFFITHS reports. Subscription required. Read more »

Tips on Selling
Five ways to turn customer frowns upside down

A bad review can harm a business’ reputation and drive away customers. STEPHANIE O’BRIEN outlines ways that businesses can manage stressful situations and help avoid damaging feedback. Subscription required. Read more »

Tips on Selling
Tips for increasing customer trust

The secret to driving repeat business lies in building strong customer relationships and good customer relationships begin by establishing trust. THOMAS YOUNG outlines ways retailers can improve trust. Subscription required. Read more »

Tips on Selling
Are you networking effectively?

Networking remains one of the best resources for developing and expanding a business. DAVID BROWN discusses some techniques retailers can use to increase their networking opportunities. Subscription required. Read more »

Tips on Selling
Three ways to up-sell like a pro

Up-selling is about challenging customer preconceptions and getting them to see the value behind every product you sell. BOB PHIBBS reveals how retailers can achieve this with some simple selling techniques. Subscription required. Read more »

Tips on Selling
There’s no substitute for a website

Social media plays an important role in an online marketing strategy but it’s a mistake for retailers to think it could replace a website. SUE COCKBURN discusses the reasons why websites are key. Read more »
Take a systematic approach to closing

Tips on Selling
Low closing rates? Here’s what to do

Being able to close a sale is key to any successful retail business but why do many salespeople lack the skills to do so? GRETCHEN GORDON explains how to land sales more often. Subscription required. Read more »
Disruption is an opportunity to reinvent

Tips on Selling
Dealing with market disruption

All markets face disruptive innovation at one time or another. How businesses redefine their relevance in the face of this disruption will determine whether they thrive, survive or die. JEREMY MILLER reports. Subscription required. Read more »

Tips on Selling
How good does customer experience need to be?

Delighting customers can go far to generating loyalty but businesses must first understand customer expectations if they are to achieve it. MICHAEL HINSHAW sheds light on what it is that today’s consumers want. Subscription required. Read more »

Tips on Selling
Win big when customers are furious

Ever had to deal with a customer who was really angry? It generally takes a lot for people to get red-in-the-face mad but JEANNIE WALTERS says staff who get to the root cause of the issue will learn from the experience. Read more »
Slow trading periods require proactivity

Tips on Selling
The key to selling in slow times

All salespeople eventually experience a period of slow trading. BRIAN JEFFREY says that what salespeople do during these times is what separates the professionals from the amateurs. Subscription required. Read more »

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