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Don’t discount the customer experience

What are the odds that discounting will lead to a positive customer experience? DALE FURTWENGLER encounters and reacts to common discounting scenarios to illustrate the impact of various approaches. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Are your staff killing sales?

Don’t let staff member behaviour kill a potential sale. SHANE DECKER discusses how business owners and managers can learn to recognise and stop sale killing habits once and for all. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Secrets to increasing repeat business

Customer bases are more vulnerable to poaching than ever before; however, it is still possible to create extreme customer loyalty and generate repeat business. RICHARD SHAPIRO reports. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Don’t neglect the obvious! It’s impacting sales

The science of selling isn’t particularly deep and often the answer to improving sales is easier to find than jewellers might think. BOB PHIBBS sheds light on some obvious but often neglected areas. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Your sales staff are talking too much!

In sales, there’s a time to talk and a time to listen. BRIAN JEFFREY says selling can improve when staff stop talking because when it comes to this industry, the gift of the gab isn’t so much a gift as it is a sin. Subscription required. Read more >>
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What jewellers can learn from Goldilocks

When it comes to selling, there are certain behaviours that can stop sales before the process even begins. DOUG FLEENER discusses how staff can ensure they’re establishing the right in-store environment to promote purchasing. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Break your jewellery discounting habit now

The easiest strategy in retail is to slash prices even when it undermines business and store values. DALE FURTWENGLER discusses why discounting is still such a hard habit to break. Subscription required. Read more >>
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The secret to finishing a retail story properly

Businesses spend millions of dollars on marketing to attract customers but still can’t control what happens in store. BOB PHIBBS explains why getting customers into the store is only half the job. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Watching your competitors? Here’s why you should

Everyone worries about competitors; some people even obsess over them. DAVID BROWN says rather than viewing the competition as a threat, smart retailers will look at what benefits they can glean from others. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Newsflash: there’s a difference between customer service and customer experience

If the customer experience is perfect, is customer service even necessary? ADAM TOPOREK is adamant the answer is yes, explaining that the line between the two is misleading and retailers need to understand why. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Easy as Gen X,Y,Z: how to market jewellery to all generations

No two consumers are alike; they come with different ages, genders, preferences and lifestyles. As such, MEGAN BREINIG states that a one-size-fits-all marketing approach is just not going to cut it. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Are your customers hesitating before buying?

Objections are a natural part of the sales process and staff who know how to recognise them have a greater chance of turning them into sales. THOMAS YOUNG offers tips for managing hesitations. Subscription required. Read more >>
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