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How to boost email lists in 2017

Successful email marketing depends upon a strong and healthy subscription list. IAN SPENCER outlines some strategies that retailers can use to expand their online mailing lists in 2017. Read more >>
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Tips for improving SEO rankings

Much like the manufacturing of jewellery, a successful SEO campaign takes time to build. CHRIS ASHTON says there are no shortcuts and retailers wishing to improve rankings need to start now. Read more >>
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Pinterest is ideal for jewellers but don't be fooled by the myths

Don’t be fooled by Pinterest myths

Pinterest operates differently to other social media platforms and, as MELISSA MEGGINSON states, understanding these differences is crucial to maximising impact on this powerful ideas platform. Read more >>
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The truth behind 'big data'

The digital age has significantly increased the type of data available to retailers as well as how that data is gathered. NANCY GEORGES discusses what ‘big data’ actually means and the benefits to jewellers. Read more >>
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Five reasons to use Google Analytics

Touted as essential for web marketing, Google Analytics can also be overwhelming to the casual user running a small business. IAN SPENCER outlines the best ways to interpret data from the popular analytics service. Read more >>
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Lurker alert: turning online ‘lurkers’ into customers

Social media can annoyingly sometimes feel like a one-way conversation. KARYN GREENSTREET discusses how to encourage commentary from customers in order to boost engagement and ultimately sales. Read more >>
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Here to help: how social media is changing customer service

Customers want service and they want it now. HARSH AJMERA discusses how the digital age is forcing retailers to review customer service practices and why responding quickly and accordingly is more important than ever. Read more >>
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Instagram to Instaglam: Part 2

In the conclusion of a two-part series, DEBRA TEMPLAR outlines more tips and tricks for how jewellers can increase consumer engagement and foot traffic with visually friendly platform Instagram. Read more >>
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Instagram to Instaglam: get more jewellery lovers for your business

Instagram is an ideal social media platform for jewellers but it seems not all businesses are using it correctly. In the first of a two-part series, DEBRA TEMPLAR reports on how retailers should improve their practices. Read more >>
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5 free methods to boost your publicity game now

Generating publicity can be a great help in expanding business and the good news is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. LILIAN SUE reports on five of the best ideas for developing affordable online publicity. Read more >>
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Turning web visitors into sales

Attracting visitors to websites is only part of the challenge for it is what businesses do with those visitors that will determine long-term profitability. DAVID BROWN reports on how to increase web conversions. Read more >>
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Like all marketing strategies, social media requires planning

Top social media faux pas to avoid

Social media can be a time-consuming and thankless task but only for business owners that don’t take the time to investigate why. MANDY EDWARDS discusses how to get more out of social media in 2016. Subscription required. Read more >>
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