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This cubic zirconia and pearl set pair of earrings is part of Georgini's new bridal range
This cubic zirconia and pearl set pair of earrings is part of Georgini's new bridal range

Georgini launches affordable bridal range

Silver specialist Georgini has launched a bridal range to cash in on a gap in the market.
The range, which was showcased for the first time at the Sydney trade fair, includes rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and earrings, set with cubic zirconia and pearls.

Georgini national sales manager Marissa Gouras said, “This range is really about price point. You’re spending an absolute fortune on your wedding day so you don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars more on your jewellery.”

She added that quality is paramount too. “A lot of [affordable] bridal jewellery is crystals and glass – we’re trying to offer a quality product,” she explained.

Retail prices start at $49 for silver stud earrings and average $130 to $140. The collection ranges from basic pendants to lavish, statement necklaces and includes matching pendant and earring stories.

The launch has proved popular with Georgini’s retail stockists, according to Gouras, because there was a gap in the bridal market: affordable ranges weren’t being marketed as bridal lines, and there were no strong bridal brands around.

“When you think of bridal jewellery, there’s no specific brand out there. There’s not one company that I would think of,” she said.

Gouras said the jewellery is targeted at the “modern, fashion-forward bride”.

The range also includes mother-of-the-bride pieces featuring grey pearls. Gouras said that the pearl bridal jewellery had been particularly popular with consumers.

“Pearls are a big trend at the moment. They have been doing really well in every line – there’s always a few pearls making our top five products,” she explained.

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Your Say

I'd be interested to know are these natural pearls, cultured pearls, freshwater pearls, freshwater cultured pearls or imitation pearls? Given the price point I would assume that they are not natural pearls - I hope that they also follow the CIBJO guidelines and describe them more clearly for the consumer.
posted by Annette Piper on September 14, 2010 12:44

Georgini's pearl bridal jewellery
Thank you for your comments Annette. Jeweller would like to clarify that the pearls pictured are shell-based pearls and that all of Georgini's bridal pearl jewellery uses either shell-based pearls or freshwater pearls, which Georgini says is stated clearly on its consumer product labelling.
posted by Lorna Goodyer on September 14, 2010 14:57

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