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Retailers must create theatre: Part II

Trading in December can be make-or-break for retailers and in response, businesses often raise their standards. JOSH STRUTT encourages you to maintain this level of performance well into 2023.

In the November issue of Jeweller I discussed the importance of entertainment and theatrics to the modern customer.

We must not forget the reason we enticed these customers into our store in the first place – sales.

The holiday period has now come and gone for another year, and I hope it was a success for your jewellery store and that you managed to thrive by getting the basics of business right.

It’s important to stand out from the crowd, however, that doesn’t need to come at the cost of getting the simple things right.

While the busiest trade period of the year may now be in the rear-view mirror there’s no reason to allow any of the standards or ‘quality controls’ to slip as normality returns.

Here are a few ways for you to keep your business in ‘holiday mode’ in order to make the most out of 2023:


Stock up before and after store trading hours, not during trading time – you want your staff to be 100 per cent focused on selling. Set rules in place during trading times, which keeps the store clean, and the staff focused on interacting with customers appropriately.

“If you don’t have an IT system to handle in-store inventory a simple exercise book listing stock in storage with quantities adjusted when stock is removed can do the trick.”

Organise your storeroom and make it as easy as possible for the sales floor to be restocked. Understand what needs to be reordered before it runs out – not after.

If you don’t have an IT system to handle inventory a simple exercise book listing stock in storage with quantities adjusted when stock is removed can do the trick.


Considering having a feature ‘add on’ sale product around the register and make it as easy as possible for your sales staff to add-on sell. Select a product that complements most of your product range and keep it at a lower price point.

As always make sure you have an appropriate amount of these add-on items in stock too.

Gift packing products is important during the holiday period. Beautifully packaged products are an easy way to raise your average sale price and make shopping a little easier for the customer. There’s no reason why this trend can’t continue across the remainder of the year.

Introduce multiple price points for broader appeal and encourage your sales staff to offer them whenever possible.


You cannot tolerate poor performance from sales staff.

Just as one bad athlete can cause a loss for a sports team, it only takes one sour employee to bring down the morale of a jewellery store.

As a manager or owner, you can’t be seen to accept employees who provide less than excellent customer service.

Now that the holidays are over why allow these standards to slip at all? Encourage your staff to stay ‘on top of their game’.

Additional points

Make your store the first to open and last to close. If all your competitors are opening at 9AM and you’re open at 8AM, that sends a powerful message to potential customers. Be there when the customers are there and adjust your rosters accordingly.

There is nothing worse than seeing a roller shutter pulled down on an eager customer! Even when the store is closed, you can continue ‘selling’ to customers by leaving the store sparkling even when you’re not there.

Ensure that your website reflects your store messaging to be an effective multi-channel retailer.

Try to have fun each day. Keep the shopping experience relaxed for all customers and keep them coming back for more. Find a way to bring your store to life in a way that other retailers can’t.

Introduce daily start-up meetings with your sales staff to reinforce targets and keep them updated on new products and promotions in your store.

Review each week with your employees and if you’re unsure of what to raise consider asking the following questions:

• What is the promotional message or campaign of the week? Is our point of difference reinforced in this messaging?

• What are our hero products each week? How are we promoting and managing these hero products?

• Are our store windows and display simple, powerful, fresh, and compelling?

As I mentioned in part one of this series, your store doesn’t need to be the latest in a line of perfectly ‘good’ stores. Your store should be great!

I am reminded of the words of T.S Elliott: “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. To be truly innovative and inspired we must gain our inspiration from the most unusual and unorthodox of places.”

Josh Strutt

Contributor • Retail Doctor Group

Josh Strutt is Retail Doctor Group’s strategy analyst. His background is in maximising operational efficiency to drive growth. Visit:

Australian Diamond Trading Corporation (ADTC)

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