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The State of the Industry report presents an overview of Australia and New Zealand's retail jewellery industries.
The State of the Industry report presents an overview of Australia and New Zealand's retail jewellery industries.

Australian jewellers stand strong

The number of jewellery stores in Australia has remained reassuringly steady in the past three years and, in fact, many sectors have expanded.
Australia’s retail jewellery industry is growing and the independent sector continues to hold its own against the chain store operators. The findings are part of Jeweller's 2010 State of the Industry report, a six-month survey into the Australian and New Zealand jewellery industries. 

Jeweller editor Coleby Nicholson posed the following questions; “Do you think the number of independent jewellery stores in Australia would be increasing or decreasing? Of all independent stores, what percentage belongs to a buying group?

“In fact, perhaps we should first ask; how many jewellery stores are there are in Australia?”

Nicholson said that although the percentage of independent jewellery stores as a total of the overall Australian market had remained stable, and healthy, it appears that independent Kiwi jewellery stores may be in decline when compared with chains stores. 

Nicholson said that the comprehensive Report identified some interesting facts. “Would it surprise you to know that Queensland has more fine jewellery chain stores than Victoria even though Victoria has the larger population? Perhaps you already knew that, but can you tell me which sector (not product) of the market has grown by 94 per cent in the past three years?”

The 68-page report also offers an insight into the total value of sales for the entire industry last year and the annual turnover for an average jewellery store in Australia.

“The report goes into great detail about independent jewellery stores, chains stores, buying groups, shopping centres and a whole range of valuable data. For example, I wonder how many people know the name of the retailer that opened 35 new jewellery stores in eight months?”

Some of the comprehensive sections include an indepth analysis of; 
* Independent Stores
* Buying Groups
* Chain Stores
* Births, Deaths and Marriages
* Fashion Chain Stores
* Flagship and Brand Stores
* Shopping Centres
* Jewellery Kiosks
* Industry Associations 
* New Zealand Jewellery industry statistics
* Future Trends: E-Tail
* Future Trends: Retail in 2020


The 68-page State of the Industry report is a comprehensive analysis of the Australian and New Zealand jewellery industries and is only available to Jeweller magazine subscribers. 

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