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Skagen's $20 voucher was distributed to over $2 million Australian Qantas users
Skagen's $20 voucher was distributed to over $2 million Australian Qantas users

Skagen launches Christmas ’secret Sale’

Watch brand Skagen Denmark has used viral marketing and digital media in an unprecedented Christmas campaign that involved distributing $20 gift vouchers to 2 million Australians last week.
The vouchers were mailed to valued customers of Qantas. Final figures from Qantas collated on December 10 showed that 4 million people received the voucher.

Response towards the initiative – mailed at 2am on December 6 – was almost instantaneous, with consumers calling Skagen’s Australian distributor Jarass seconds after the voucher was posted to enquire about participating Skagen retailers.

The first retailer reports of voucher activity were recorded two hours after the vouchers were distributed.

Sydney-based management consultancy idResults implemented the elaborate gift voucher scheme specifically for Skagen Denmark in Australia, but the promotion was also designed to be implemented in other markets.

idResults managing director Graham Henrickson said, “It is not the first time a discount voucher or cash-back promotion has been used by a brand to get traction and grow their business.”

However, he added, “It is the first time it’s been done in this way and on this scale.”

Skagen Denmark is bearing the cost of the promotion and Jarass is covering the cost of the markdown.

As the gift vouchers were delivered, stage 1 of a new Skagen Denmark website tailored for the Australian market went live. Jarass first developed an Australian website two years ago, but the new website bridges the gap between the old site and the more updated international Skagen Denmark website.

Both websites follow a similar structure and style. 

Not only were the vouchers mailed to valued customers of Qantas, but the promotion is also available for anyone to download from Skagen’s new Australian website, www.skagen.com.au.

The Christmas initiative is similar to the ‘secret Sales’ that have become popular in countries such as the UK and US in recent years – called ‘secret’ because they are only ever circulated over the internet, rather than being announced in stores.

The vouchers can be printed at home and redeemed for limitless separate purchases, another feature of the campaign which Henrickson points to being unique.

“The consumer has the freedom to share the offer with others,” he said.

“We have encouraged viral marketing and provided this means for the audience to send the offer to be used by others.”

The vouchers can be used on any Skagen watch or clock and can also be redeemed in conjunction with any other in-store promotions.

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Tuesday, 14 July, 2020 02:46am
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