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The situation has been dire for many jewellery retailers in the flooded zones
The situation has been dire for many jewellery retailers in the flooded zones

Jeweller magazine calls for support

Jeweller magazine publisher Coleby Nicholson has called on members of the industry to join him in his pledge to contribute $10,000 to the recovery and rebuilding efforts of beleaguered jewellery retailers in Queensland. 
Nicholson said he would match Expertise Event’s $10,000 donation to the Queensland Premier’s relief appeal. 

He hoped the industry could come together in a collective fundraising endeavour that the magazine would help coordinate specifically to assist the jewellers affected in flood ravaged Queensland. 

“I hope that it can be done under the umbrella of a wider jewellery industry effort. If anyone else would like to contribute or has innovative ideas to help, I would love to hear from them,” Nicholson said.

“I am confident that the Brisbane Trade fair will proceed, and rather than it being a gloomy affair, I’m sure others in the industry will have great ideas on what can be done to assist the Queensland jewellery industry and the wider Queensland community,” he added. 

With only eight weeks to go until the Fair takes place, there is a heightened sense from different quarters in the industry that the fair will be cancelled. Managing director of organisers Expertise Events, Gary Fitz-Roy released a statement allaying retailers’ and suppliers’ fears.

Anyone who would like to support the efforts should contact the magazine.


I love the way you care about the Australian jewellery industry so much.
One idea I've had immediately is the suppliers could help by donating their product to make a huge 'Treasure Chest' prize and Retailers could sell raffle tickets for it.  Its a way that many can help without too much outlay and , with the hopefully large value of the 'treasure chest' ' we could raise a large amount.  "Jewellers helping Jewellers."
Steve Gades from Sports Watches Australia

What a great effort, I’m sure everyone is thinking along the same lines. Here at Legacy, we have thought of a few ideas. Since a lot of our retailers have been hit we could help them as well. Could we have a special day at the trade fair where we donate 5% percent of all sales to the flood (people could come up with their own donation if they don't like 5% ). Have signs around and on stands to support; people tend to buy more when it is for a good cause. Have some celebrities come and network. Maybe we could have a goal of of what money could be spent or have a target in mind. We could then carry this sale out through the retail shops.
Maria Vella from Iconic Jewellery

Yes, we have also been thinking about how we, as suppliers can help.
We are unfortunately, not in a financial position to give any additional cash donation to the appeal. We have privately donated $500 which was actually a stretch for us given the state of the industry at present.
Jewelmart & Elnice Fine Jewellery would like to offer the following to those jewellers directly affected by the floods:
1. A discount of 25% OFF our wholesale prices on all our diamond & gemstone Jewellery.
2. Plus "Ice" display stands to replace any displays required for our products. We're sure Grant Austin packaging will assist us with some good prices for same?
3. Payments split over 30, 60 and 90 days, after re-opening of store. Perhaps you can provide a platform to make these offers to those affected?
Lenko and Jo from Jewelmart and Elnice Fine Jewellery

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