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JAA has appointed Ronnie Bauer to be its GAA representative on its board of directors
JAA has appointed Ronnie Bauer to be its GAA representative on its board of directors

JAA appoints GAA board representative

The JAA has appointed gemmology expert Ronnie Bauer to be a GAA representative on its board of directors and has entered into a partnership with the GAA to develop online training programmes for jewellery retail staff.

JAA chief executive Ian Hadassin said Bauer’s appointment was part of a move to strengthen ties between the two organisations.

“We welcome his appointment and if the last two days are to be an example, it bodes well for the future as Ronnie has been very supportive,” Hadassin said.

In a further development, the GAA and JAA will jointly develop online training programmes, specifically designed for retail staff.

Peter Robertson, who was appointed principal education officer of GAA’s newly established Gem-Ed division in December, said the online training programmes for jewellery retailers would be a big step forward for them.

“Jewellers still have to touch and feel the gemstones but the theory part of it can be done online,” Robertson said. “It will save time and allow people from isolated parts of Australia to access training materials.”

Robertson emphasised the importance of online learning in gemmology but conceded there were constraints because of the nature of the industry that still required the visual elements of face-to-face teaching.

The GAA established the educational subsidiary Gem-Ed as it created a long-awaited national head office, based on Spencer Street in Melbourne.

The GAA has also entered into a training partnership with the well-respected Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) to strengthen its training credentials.

Students who are undertaking GAA’s core Diploma of Gemmology under the GAA will have access to the modern and comprehensive notes, training and online learning materials of Gem-A. Once students complete their GAA diploma, they will also be given the opportunity to sit for the prestigious Gem-A diploma examination.

Upon successful completion, students will obtain the British Diploma of Gemmology and be eligible to apply for the fellowship of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain.
Robertson has also been tasked with maintaining consistency across GAA’s different branches in every state.

“My job is to ensure our educators are performing the same type of deliveries and assessments as well as maintaining the quality throughout the country.”

GAA president Terry Coldham said the central office would help the GAA be more responsive to the needs of its members, the jewellery industry and the general public.

“Times have changed. Modern communication and transportation means that it is now quite possible and desirable to operate an administrative centre from one locality to service the needs across the nation.”

Retailers interested in education services specific to the gemmology industry are advised to contact Peter Robertson on 03 9326 8847 or at

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