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Dora's latest iPrice application
Dora's latest iPrice application

Dora to launch app in Brisbane

Australian wedding ring manufacturer Dora will launch an instant quote application, Dora iPrice, at the upcoming Brisbane fair.
The application is designed to work on iPods, iPhones and iPads and will provide retailers access to instant quotes in real-time prices for Dora’s entire wedding ring range.

Dora general manager Stephen Brown said the application was designed to be a selling tool and is aimed at retail staff involved in regular face-to-face transactions with customers.

“We believe that sales are lost when consumers are left waiting while a staff member searches for a ring price,” Brown said.

“This application will enable retail staff to insert all the customer requirements for their ring and access a recommended retail price instantly in front of the customer, and in many cases, confirm and close the sale there and then,” he added.

Besides acting as a mobile device that retail staff can use, Dora iPrice doubles up as a pictorial catalogue that contains over 3,000 images of Dora’s wedding ring designs.

Customers can use Dora iPrice to ‘flick’ through the different rings with instant quoting.

As long as the catalogue is connected to the internet, it is updated whenever a change in the latest precious metal prices and keeps the pricing information constantly current.

Brown said the application is targeted at all wedding ring shop owners who want to increase their sales.

“We believe this application is an important development in the jewellery trade and retailers will be very interested to see how it will benefit them,” Brown said.

The Brisbane fair will give the supplier its first major opportunity to demonstrate how the Dora iPrice application works.

“We will be taking orders for iPods at the Brisbane March fair and providing our existing customers who already have iPads or iPhones with access to the download as they request them,” Brown said.

Retailers who want to use the application will have to download a form from the Dora website and load it onto their device via iTunes.

Brown said the application had received “overwhelmingly positive” responses from the few retailers he had discussed it with.

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