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Stainless steel and red leather pendants from Zeades Monte Carlo's extensive leather collection
Stainless steel and red leather pendants from Zeades Monte Carlo's extensive leather collection

European leather jewellery brand hits Aussie shores

European luxury fashion jewellery brand Zeades Monte Carlo has launched its unique leather jewellery in Australia after teaming up with local supplier B & H Wholesale.
Zeades Monte Carlo is a collection of fashion jewellery, watches and accessories designed in Monaco. Vibrantly coloured leather sourced from Tuscany, Italy, is combined with either stainless steel or gold depending on each piece.

B & H Wholesale general manager Darren Holley claimed there is nothing like Zeades Monte Carlo in the Australian market.

“The product really does stand out from the crowd. Fashionable colours and attention to detail in this international brand will not go unnoticed with the savvy, brand-conscious Australian consumer,” he said.

“We could see that everything about the brand was done exceptionally well. It has amazing catalogues, beautiful imagery, eye-catching displays and attention to detail that confirmed this was a company run by passionate people who cared about their brand,” Holley added.

Zeades Monte Carlo already has stockists in over 44 countries in continents such as Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. Oceania is the latest addition to the list and Holley said Zeades sees Australia as a key market in its global strategy.

“We’re a small market in comparison to most but we have more brands per capita than almost any developed country, giving success here real meaning on the global stage.”

B & H Wholesale will look to launch Zeades Monte Carlo in New Zealand in the near future if its first foray into the Oceania market goes as planned. 

Holley said the Monaco leather brand is a fitting addition to B & H Wholesale’s existing portfolio, which consists of sterling silver fine jewellery brand Roy King and AFL watches. 

“Roy King is a brand that caters to a more traditional market but Zeades can also speak to this demographic without conflicting and can often complement the Roy King offer,” he explained.

Zeades has proved an instant hit since it launched in Australia at the Melbourne fair securing 10 stockists so far. Seven of these were acquired in June. “That surprised us,” admitted Holley, “We have never opened new doors in June. That really says something about this brand.” The brand only seriously started to launch its sample ranges in May after a soft launch of a small selection of product at the Melbourne fair.

Holley said B & H Wholesale wants to consider a wide range of stockists, although the company will be careful not to compromise the quality of the brand.

“We are keeping a very open mind with regards to our stockists. Even though it’s quite unique, the brand has very broad appeal and will suit a wide range of stockists. We are selective, mind you, as we understand the need to protect the brand’s integrity and perception in the Australian market,” Holley said.

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Wednesday, 16 October, 2019 11:42pm
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