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Police's new 'Cyber' watch
Police's new 'Cyber' watch

New distributor for Police watches and jewellery

Moda Group has acquired the exclusive distribution rights for Italian brand Police in Australia and New Zealand after entering into an agreement with international distributor Swiss Watch Group to represent its brands in the Oceania region.

The new distribution agreement is effective from July 1, 2011. Moda Group will take over the rights from Time Essentials, which took on Police when it acquired the watch brand’s Australian distributor, Hagemeyer Lifestyle Brands, in April 2009. Hagemeyer Lifestyle Brands launched Police in Australia and New Zealand in 2005.

Moda Group currently distributes Swiss watch brand Roamer and is set to launch Swiss Military watches in August. Swiss Watch Group is the international distributor of several Swiss and non-Swiss brands such as FCUK, Aigner and Paris Hilton.

Time Essentials managing director John Papaioannou said the company had increased brand awareness for Police and turned it into an established brand in Oceania.

“Time Essentials is very proud of the work it has done [recently] and previously with Hagemeyer Lifestyle Brands to establish, grow and develop Police into an important part of the fashion watch market in Australia and New Zealand,” he said.

“Time Essentials and [previously] Hagemeyer Lifestyle Brands have spent significant resources to promote and grow the brand in Australia. The brand was one of the fastest growing fashion brands in Australia in 2010,” Papaioannou added.

Moda Group managing director Trent McKean said he hopes to build on Police’s brand recognition with consumers through strategic distribution channels and marketing campaigns.

“It’s probable we will expand the distribution network into areas where the brand is not represented and we can partner with suitable retailers,” McKean said.

“Our aim is to grow Police to a point where it is a very important brand to our retailers, because it’s providing a good return on their investment,” he added.

McKean said the takeover of Police watches would diversify Moda Group’s portfolio of brands.

“[Police jewellery and watches] cater to a very different demographic and this is one of the attractions. Police is very much a fashion brand whilst Roamer is more about Swiss elegance and Swiss Military has a greater sports influence.”

Moda Group is set to launch the new seasonal ranges from Police at the upcoming JAA International Jewellery Fair in Sydney.

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