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Georgini jewellery hits London and South Africa

Post-Sydney fair normally means suppliers can take a quick breather after the hectic three days but that’s not the case this year for Georgini’s national sales manager, Marissa Gouras who will be managing the brand’s international expansion.
When Sydney’s International Jewellery Fair closes today, Gouras will be headed to the UK where Georgini will be exhibiting for the first time at the International Jewellery London, September 4 to 7.

Gouras believes for the company to expand, “we’ve got to go out and make things happen." In preparation for its UK expansion Georgini has worked with its own PR company to design a presentation kit that embodies the company and brand profile.

“The kit contains six informative pages detailing who we are, what we specialise in and why people should carry Georgini,” Gouras said. It has been sent to a selection of major distributors and large retailers in London ahead of the fair.

“We’re very excited about exhibiting in London and even though we got in quite late, we’ve got a very good spot with a beautiful stand,” Gouras said.

As it happens, Georgini’s stand at the London fair will be situated next to another Australian exhibitor, Cudworth Enterprises - a men’s jewellery supplier.

The London trip is also fortuitous because Georgini has finalised a distribution arrangement in South Africa which was confirmed last Sunday. “I fly straight to Johannesburg from London to meet with the sales representatives and then I am flying to Capetown to be introduced to a major distributor there.”

Gouras said that the South African distributor currently sells to over 350 jewellers and has presented Georgini's product to many retailers and over 30 have shown great interest in carrying the brand. She considers the South African partnership to be a wise strategic move for Georgini in part because South African fashion is very similar to Australia.

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Tuesday, 15 October, 2019 06:03pm
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