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Shahril Jaafer could face the death penalty
Shahril Jaafer could face the death penalty

Death penalty surrounds opal dealer

A Perth opal dealer could face the death penalty after being charged with murder.
Shahril Jaafer, who works for his father’s family opal jewellery business, was not required to enter a plea as he faced the Sungai Petani Magistrates Court in Malaysia last week.

Originally from Malaysia and now a permanent resident in Australia, Jaafer was arrested last month at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport after being charged with the murder of a Malay woman six years ago.

He was charged under section 302 of Malaysia’s Penal Code meaning he could face the death penalty if convicted.

It is alleged that 25-year-old Malay woman, Chee Gaik Yap, was tailed and abducted by Jaafer, while out jogging.

According to the Star Online, Jaafer’s father, Jamaludin Jaafer runs a jewellery business specialising in opals, meteorites and rare gemstones and frequently travels between his Perth and Malaysia homes.

According to news reports, Shahril Jaafer, along with other family members work for the family business, which began after his father moved to Perth in 1994 and met a group of gemstone enthusiasts.

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