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Nexo Watches' colourful range
Nexo Watches' colourful range

More Danish jewellery brands for Australia

Danish company Nexo Watches is due to launch its colourful ranges to Australian retailers this month.
The brand made its Australian debut at the Melbourne Jewellery Fair and will be distributed by Nordic Designs, which handles a range of other Scandinavian brands, including Swedish fashion jewellery brand Pearls for Girls.

Nordic director, Cecilia Holden, A Swedish native, told Jeweller that the new watch company has been achieving popularity in Denmark over the last two years, and felt it was time to enter new markets.

“The company [Nexo] felt it was time for really focusing on the Danish aspect of the product, especially considering how successful Scandinavian jewellery is in Australia,” Holden said. “Nexo’s director contacted me directly as he knew that we’re known for working with Scandinavian brands.”

Holden believes Nexo’s ranges are well suited to the Australian customer because of its simple designs and friendly price levels. She said Danish jewellery brands were always well received by the Australian market and said Nexo should be no exception.

“Danish watches are renowned for their clean and crisp designs which are ideal for the fashion watch consumer,” Holden added. “Australians are tired of cheap items low in quality and design and that don’t last the mile.”

Nexo’s women’s range is available in two models, Visible and Invisible, with plans for a men’s range to be released later this year.

Available in 17 colours, the watches are waterproof with silicon bands and alloy cases.

Holden said Nexo’s focus was about quantity rather than high profit margins. She said the company was highly considerate of retailer’s margins as well as quick stock turnover.

“We’ve tried our best to keep the prices as low as possible because retailer’s margins are a very important factor in today’s marketplace.” Holden said. “The watches all come with a 12-month warranty and we have a ‘no questions asked’ return policy.”

Holden said if customers have any troubles with the watches, new replacements would be sent to the retailer immediately.

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